Time is ticking away.

I fear I cannot stay.

Goodbyes must be fast,

And soon in the past.

My train is on the track.

I didn’t have time to pack.

So sad to leave today,

But what is there to say?

Goodbye, my dear for now

As I take my last bow.


Source: aqua-regia009


Seek and you shall find

what the mind may hide.

Follow the soft sighs

to where the bird flies.

Dig deeper into your dream

as you float with the stream.

Time will never end

nor will it ever bend.

Enjoy the here and now

as I give my last bow.




Into the tunnel, we are thrown.

Been more careful if I had known.


We’re falling down a dark abyss.

Please, someone, give us an assist.


We’re falling too hard and fast.

This nightmare better not last.


Our time has come to an end

As we fly around the bend.


The Dead are waiting for us below.

I can hear them yelling out hello.


We land with a thump and a bang.

I’m now facing a big fat fang.








Sing me a song.

Write a melody

Of times gone by

And moments lost in time.

Stroke the keys.

Massage the ivories.

Raise your voice high

So I can hear your words.

Words of hope and loss.

Sing them loud and clear.

Stories of faraway places

And times that are gone.

I close my eyes.

I can hear your words.

I see your fingers

Stroking the keys.

The words take flight.

They reverberate through time.

They leave your lips

To land on mine.

A sweet melody

To soothe my advancing years.

A pretty song

To fill my empty heart.


Asectic by Pierre Alain D. ©


We tend to forget

we’ve sprung from the soil.

When our time is done,

we’ll return to it.

We must maintain our humility,

keep our humanity intact.

The earth can still reject us,

eject us from its sphere.

Don’t tempt it.




The island calls to me.

It whispers my name.

The bridge sighs.

It weeps for me.

I walk across.

It wobbles to and fro.

I hold tight to its ropes.

One step gives way

And then the next.

The sides unravel.

Time stands still.

I fall.

Icy water hits my face.

The silence surrounds me.



A rare commodity is solitude.
It can be easily misunderstood.
To be all alone with no one else around.
You can do this in the air or on the ground.
You can sail off in the blue sea,
Or hop on a plane without me.
We can all use some time alone.
Without T.V. or telephone.
Time to think about your goal.
You will come back feeling whole.