Down the rabbit hole we go.

Far down beneath the earth’s surface.

Where The Dead wait for their savior.

Arms extended.

Reaching for us.

Mouths held open in silent cries.

As we fall farther.


Past the point of no return.

THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist



The green hides inside.

With unspoken pride.

It comes at night.

What a great sight.

A mist falls first.

Trees drink from thirst.

They swallow the green whole.

Then fall down a deep hole.

Fairies alight on leaves.

Get me out of here, please.






Drowning in despair.

Falling deeper.

Wanting to let go.

Sinking to the bottom.

Head will soon be submerged.

No fight left.

No will to go on.

Let the darkness take me.

Into its arms I go willingly.

Ready to surrender.

To its everlasting blackness.




End House holds us trapped.

Roars fill the inky darkness.

This door must be the wrong one.

Wild animals pace in their cages.

I can feel their hot breath on my neck.

That’s because their cages have opened.

They’re moving closer.

They’re stalking us.

We’re backed against a wall.

I close my eyes.

Then we’re falling.

I can see the ocean below.

Shrieks come from above.

What now?






Falling to the deep.

I cannot find sleep.

I thrash in the cold.

In the devil’s hold.

Water covers my face.

A dark and creepy place.

I struggle for air.

Current takes my hair.

I’m drowning in my bed.

It is all in my head.


I must see if End House is still standing.  
I was there when the house was destroyed.  
When the evil creatures were dragged  
From the windows by our chanting   
And cast into the raging sea.


The house had disappeared before my eyes.  
But yet, one section had remained standing,  
Before becoming transparent,   
And then poof,
It was gone for good.

I’m on a mission to see if the house is truly gone.  
No one else happened to notice the shadowy section   
That had hovered and wavered until it dissolved.  
But I know it’s still there.  
I need to know.

The forest is quiet.  
I don’t hear birds chirping.  
I’m alone but I can feel eyes watching me.  
I should’ve parked closer to the house.
I don’t remember the path snaking around the trees.

Here’s the black fence with its spikes pointing upward.
Not a comfortable place for birds.  
How convenient, the gate is wide open.  
All I have to do is walk through the trees.
No gloomy house should be waiting for me. 

There is something up ahead.  
A large shadow in the mist.
It must be the pool. 
It can’t be.   
The house can’t be back.

I can see through it to the trees beyond.  
The sky is growing darker by the minute.  
The shadowy house is beginning to fade away.
It’s dissolving into the ground,  
Like it had done on that other fateful night. 

All that remains is a deep hole.  
Why did I come alone?
I don’t want to check out the hole.  
I don’t want to be here.
I’m leaving. 

Where did these heavy gusts of wind come from?
It was such a nice and balmy evening.
Now the winds are blowing their heads off.
The trees are thrashing their branches at me.  
They won’t let me leave. 

I’m being bounced from one tree to the next,  
Like a football being tossed around.  
“Stop it! Let me go!”  
They don’t listen to my cries.  
I believe they are laughing at me.
“Here’s that!” I jab my foot into a thick root.  
The tree stretches out its branch to swipe at me.  
“No please! Save me!” 
Too late.
I’m falling down the dark hole. 

I can’t grab hold of anything firm.
The sides are too slippery.

Rocks and dirt are falling on me.
I can’t stop myself from sliding down.  
This was such a bad idea. 

I’m falling too fast.
No light is coming from above.  
It’s just me and the darkness, my old friend.  
The darkness can’t save me now.  
Nothing can save me now. 

I feel dizzy.
I’m being twirled in circles by the wind.  
Round and round I go.  
Where I’ll stop, nobody knows.  
The silly things that enter your head at the end. 

I’ve hit rock bottom.   
I’m sore.  
My bottom hurts.  
And I don’t know  
Where the hell I am. 




Evil waits at death’s door
For those who follow the creatures of the dammed.
Doors pop up all around me,
But none lead to the valley of The Dead.

I will not give up on my search
To uncover the opening to hell below.
Innocent victims are trapped in the silent hell,
Waiting to be freed from the unearthly darkness.

My friends must be among the crowd
Of souls yearning to be set free once more.
Illusions and traps may try to confuse me
But I refuse to yield to their games anymore.

Winds grab hold of my hair with their wispy fingers,
Tightening their grasp around my neck.
The sand becomes wet and soggy,
Turning to quicksand beneath my bare feet.

The forest transforms itself into a swamp,
Filled with slithering snakes and alligators.
I’ve seen this trick once before from Wolf,
Using illusions to further his game.

This time I will not turn away in fear
And run from his evil laughter.
Nothing will stop me from fighting
To free my friend’s from his evil reign.

Our games have just begun.