I Bid Adieu




He stands frozen before me.

A vision too hard to see.

My love is ice cold to the touch.

I’ve missed him so very much.

Who did this to him?

It’s a deadly sin.

Someone will surely pay for this tonight

at the party for a vampire’s delight.

A glass dome for the dancing pair,

twirl past statues with frozen hair.

My kiss lands on his cold lips

as I grasp his frozen hips.

He watches behind still blue eyes

as I bid my hasty goodbyes.

I will come back for him.

I won’t let evil win.

THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist


ourperfectearth Deactivated 

Collapsing Giants. Greenland. [1080×108] Photo by Daniel Kordan


The mighty now fall,

Who had been so tall.

Melting to the sea,

Where no one can see

The majesty of your height

Or the last breath of your fight.

Please don’t leave us now.

Don’t take your last bow.

The earth will be a sadder place

Without your bright and shiny face.



The sun bids me adieu.
After the day is through.
I will say my farewell
To the last rays as well.

The moon will bring darkness
For which I’ve no fondness.
I will be by myself.
All alone on this shelf.

I will patiently wait here
For the next day to appear.
After the moon has its fun,
It will be time for the sun.


giacomocarmagnola: Exclusive artwork made with the new Pixel Sort effect for the Android app “Glitch!”


I’m fading.

Fading fast.

From view.




I can’t stop.

I can’t hold on.

To life.

It’s better this way.

For all.

For mankind.

For me to leave now.

Without further ado.

I’m here.

I’m gone.



The epic battle of the seasons.

Old man winter tries to

erase all signs of Fall.

He covers the ground

with his icy cold snow.

But Fall holds her leaves close

to her body and her heart.

Some have fallen,

lone casualties of war.

The battle rages

on the ground,

in the air,

and in the water.

Fall will have to succumb

to the dictates of Old man winter.

She has no choice.

But she puts up a valiant battle.

She will be back after Summer

finishes heating the earth.


We’ll see you soon.