“Isotonic Jacuzzi Process” serie by VALERIS


The sea flows through me.

I’m part of it you see.

Water fills my cells.

It rings all my bells.

Sunlight keeps me warm.

Nature is true to form.

It protects us.

It nurtures us.

We’re all connected.

No less is expected.





Raindrops on my mind.
A feeling of cleanliness.
How can we resist its pull?
It draws us to the window.
To watch its majestic descent.
It washes away all dirt and impurities.
Wash me.
Make me fresh and new.
Who can ask for anything more?




Brush strokes of blue and gray

to fill in the puffy clouds.

Crayon swipes of teal and aquamarine

to meet the neverending horizon.

Each wave swell of purest white

rises from the depths of dark blue.

My fingers reach for the canvas.

My eyes travel to the brushes.

I shake my head.

No painting is needed.

No copy will diminish the essence 

of a perfect summer day at the shore.