Beneath the tree


The tree appears dark and looming.

It could use some proper grooming.


I want to take a walk between its legs,

growing tall from the ground like giant pegs.


By its rules, we must strictly abide.

Imagine the secrets it must hide.


Come walk with me in its dark shade.

Through the fallen leaves we will wade.


A canopy of leaves above our heads

As we fall asleep in our leafy beds.


ocean wallpaper


A rare commodity is solitude.

It can be easily misunderstood.

To be all alone with no one else around.

You can do this in the air or on the ground.

You can sail off in the blue sea,

Or hop on a plane without me.

We can all use some time alone

Without T.V. or telephone.

Time to think about your goal.

You will come back feeling whole.


Pink Fantasy


Pink flowers to fill my day.

Petals fall in the soft light.

Ready to come out and play,

A soothing and pretty sight.


A shady path for dreams

For the hot days and warm nights.

Pink fills the lakes and streams,

A toast to spring’s delights.



Source: speedingby


I need to clear the cobwebs,

clear the bad thoughts,

erase the worries.


Instead, I want to see a place

where birds chirp and play,

where mountains soar high.


I lift my face to the sun

to the beauty of life,

to the puffy white clouds.


Join me.