Lower Catawba Falls

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Water follows gravity downward, over and around moss covered rock-outcroppings along Lower Catawba Falls. Located in the Pisgah National Forest east of Asheville, North Carolina, you can enjoy a print of this photograph in you home or office – visit my gallery at Fine Art America.

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Living in New York City this past year has been an act of love


Living in New York City this past year has been an act of love, resistance and resilience. Plainly speaking, it has been hard. Day in and day out I walked to the clinic wondering how we would get to the other side. Sadly, for many others it didn’t make sense to stay in the city and they packed up and left. Thousands upon thousands have supposedly left the city. Some have left for the suburbs, others left to other states.

For some of us who have stayed in the city, we are looking at our beloved city wondering what is next. I’m walking around the city looking at the highrises thinking of how there are still do many being built. Yet, who will occupy them?

There will be newcomers. That I do not doubt. There will be shifts in the population. I myself will be looking to see if there…

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Walk with me

through the moonlit forest,

Our feet graze the blades of grass,

Held aloft by our love and passion.

Follow me through the endless night

To a land where no man walks.

Only creatures dark as the sky

Dare to venture forth alone.

Love has no bounds or shackles.

We will be free to display our passion,

Without fear from humanity,

As long as you belong to me.

Come with me, my ice princess.

Step away from the burning plains,

Where the heat burns your flesh,

And love is hampered by the living.

Wolf extends his hand toward me,

Words flowing from him,

His lips never uttering a sound,

But his meaning is clear.

We can be together,

But the other has followed us.

He will try to take me back

And never relinquish his hold.

His eyes burn red with passion.

Fire follows his footsteps,

Scorching a trail through the grass,

Melting his enemy’s cold trail.

They face each other.

Hot and cold from opposite poles,

Dueling until the end of time,

Fighting for me.



Where has all the sunshine gone?

Gone hiding.

Where have all the vampires gone?

Gone dancing.

Where have all the tourists gone?

Dead and gone.




Photo by Humphrey Muleba on Pexels.com


Woven from black sheets of rain,
fear covers in disarray.
Anguished and frozen with pain,
dark petals fall in dismay.
Hell has come to Oasis,
The Dead & gone at its side.
Now hidden behind faces
that are well-known far & wide.


Smorgasbord Cafe and Bookstore – New Author on the Shelves -#Vampire #Thriller The Dead at Heart: Book Three of The Dead Game Series by Susanne Leist

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Delighted to welcome Susanne Leist with her books to the shelves of the Cafe and Bookstore. Her featured book today is her latest book released on July 29th.
Dead at Heart: Book Three of The Dead Game Series

About the book

William’s bite bonded Shana to him, but he didn’t ask her to mate with him for life. She isn’t ready for a lifetime commitment. Now, William excludes her from his vampire meetings. Shana understands he’s an original vampire with immense powers. For them to be a couple, he has to treat as an equal partner. If William doesn’t respect her, then what are their chances of finding happiness?

Shana speaks to Linda, her best friend, of her fears.

“Paradise is an illusion.” Shana’s face grows heated as her frustration mounts. “Oasis is a haven for vampires. I’m tired of their battles. The Watchers get rid of an evil group…

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A cliffhanger this won’t be,

you now belong to me.



amazon.com/dp/B08DZY6LPF barnesandnoble.com/w/the-dead-at- #paranormalromance #NewRelease #booklovers