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Seek and you shall find

what the mind may hide.

Follow the soft sighs

to where the bird flies.

Dig deeper into your dream

as you float with the stream.

Time will never end

nor will it ever bend.

Enjoy the here and now

as I give my last bow.


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A place for our dreams,

An earthly retreat.

Bursting at the seams,

Can you feel the heat?


The earth is alive.

Its core is on fire.

We need to survive.

I’ll feed your desire.


We cannot stay.

The door is closing.

It’s washed away

By the sea’s hosing.


Chase the moonlight with me.

My arms will hold you.

The moon will set us free.

I’ll always love you.


Mountain Goat by nigel3


Who believes in magic?



They are part of our dreams.

Here’s to fairy dust, wizards, and vampires.

Witches, demons, and monsters.

Without them,

there would be no dreams

or nightmares.


I woke, thinking it’s another dreary day,

then I checked my computer.

I sold two books,

The Dead Game & Prey for The Dead.

The day is suddenly brighter.

Thank you, my friends.

Dreams can come true.




Wherever you are,

Know that I’m with you.

My thoughts follow you.

I feel your pain

and relish in your joys.

I visit your dreams.

I’m beside you when you wake.

My spirit will keep you warm.

My arms will comfort you

in the dark days ahead.

Wherever you are,

I’ll be there.



I close my eyes to sleep,

and what do I see?

The staircase from my past.

The stairs from my

elementary school.

I can hear the children’s voices

as they climb the stairs to classes.

I hear their shouts as they descend

to the basement for lunch.

I can’t see their faces.

I only hear their voices.

The staircase waits for me.

If I return,

will my dream go away?

I drift back to sleep and

dream of the empty staircase.




I gaze at the night sky

at the bright lights so high.

Will my wishes come true?

Will I ever see you?


You appear in my dreams each night.

I yearn to have you in my sight.

I haven’t seen you for years.

But you’re always in my tears.


Would we have had a good life,

one without sadness and strife?

I won’t be able to ask you this.

I won’t be rewarded with this bliss.


I must be content with my dreams

as my life crumbles at the seams.

I keep my memories close inside.

Of my love, I have no need to hide.