writing: imagination


Our minds want more.
We need to explore the world.
To explore the unknown.

If we can’t fulfill our dreams in our daily lives,
Then we can fulfill them in our writing.
Stories about love, evil creatures, and deadly games.

I’ve always wanted to live in a small town.
So I created a small town in my book
And called it, Oasis.

I love to read books.
The main character moves to Oasis
And opens a bookstore.

You get the idea.
The main character, Linda,
Is living my dream life.

My mind takes a dark turn.
Life is too good and care-free.
Oasis needs a darker side.

The original residents live in a forest
And only come out at night.
This is when the fun and games begin.

Do you see where this is going?
If not, you can always read my book.
I finally got my small town,
Where fantasies come true,
And some just don’t.


sun exploding


What if the sun exploded?

The day began as all others.
The sun rose and shined its light.
As the day wore on, the sun grew hotter.
It radiated shades of red and orange.
Heat slew off its sides.
Until it exploded.
Hot balls of fire crashed to earth.
Darkness soon fell across the globe.

The moon hid its face.
It wasn’t ready to rule.
Who would save the earth,
Warm the earth,
And provide the needed sunshine?
The moon stepped forward.
It puffed up its face,
Then it blew out hot steam.

“You’re hired,” mankind shouted.
The moon replaced the sun.
Twenty four hours a day.
No time off.
No rest for the weary moon.
But a lot of grumbling.

So we ask: What if the sun exploded?
We would be in trouble.
Stuck with the moon for sunshine.
Sun, we bow to you in gratitude
For all that you do for us.


BEacon of light


There is a mist.
I can’t see.
All is blurry.
But yet,
I can see you.
You stand before me.

You are my beacon.
My hope.
Wait for me,
my love.
I will walk to you.
I can see nothing but you.

Be my beacon.
My hope.
My light.
In the darkest of nights.
Wait for me,
my love.

I’m here.
I’ve reached you.
But you’re gone.
A mist blurs the light.
I can’t see anything.
You’ve left me.

I never had you.
You were my one hope.
My last chance.
You never waited.
You never cared.
Time for me to give up.

I bow my head.
I’ve given up.
I will no longer reach
For what I can’t have.
I will no longer have hope.
The world goes dark around me.




Follow me
Through the bright colors.
Run to the others.
Where crayons reach the sky.
Climb the pile up high.

Beyond the
Cotton balls stuck above,
The flutter of a dove.
Lake water is shining crystal clear,
A perfect reflection of a deer.

To the beat of
The winged creatures in the sky.
As they dance the tune up high,
Flying close to the ball of fire,
Their wings take them higher and higher.

Come closer and see
What my imagination has wrought
With little or no prior thought.
A scene of beauty, my dear,
Has made it all crystal clear.


A fellow author is compiling poetry from authors on her WordPress site. The topic is letting go. I sat down and wrote this poem about my brother. As tears fell from my eyes, I felt sad and happy at the same time. Sad that I will never see him again, and happy that I can share my love with others.


Can I ever let go?

Can I ever let go of your touch?
At night, I dream of your fingers.
I can’t believe I miss you so much.
Your strokes through my hair still linger.

Can I ever let go of your eyes?
With great pride, you watched me grow.
I dearly pray for one last surprise.
You to return to me, I know.

I know my prayers won’t be answered.
My wishes never come true.
But I still have hopes to be answered.
And one day to see you too.

Can I ever let go of your humor?
Your wit and jokes had lightened my days.
I know this is much more than a rumor
That I’ll never have you brighten my days.

Days keep on passing.
But life must go on.
My heart is fasting
Each day it beats on.

Can I ever let go of you?
To my dearest, older brother,
My answer is a ‘no’ to you.
You weren’t only my brother.

You helped my mother to raise me.
You provided light for her blind eyes.
You’ll always be the best of me.
Until the day, I close my own eyes.



❈ Grim Aesthetics ❈


The full moon casts its harsh light,

Spotlights to the left and right.

Shadows drift in the trees.

Some even on their knees.

On the shallow lake,

they cast their cold gaze.

Reflections of bones

Flicker in the haze.

While the small town sleeps,

They walk the dark streets.

They ready for their fight.

Their march a deadly sight.

Soft snores won’t deter them.

Children’s cries won’t halt them.

From the woods, they have come.

They will return as one.

THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist


Source: greenandflex

Sleep my pretty bird.

I won’t say a word.

Just rest your weary eyes.

Then we say our goodbyes.

Soon you will fly away to heights

As you drift through the days and nights.

Your new badge of freedom

You’ll wear in your kingdom.

But always remember me

As the one who set you free.