take me to the ball



Take me to the ball.
In the glasshouse.
A green ball of lights.
Lit from within.
Take me to the ball.
I want to dance all night.
Until the sun rises.
And The Dead depart.

THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist



A Darkness To My Soul

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A Darkness To My Soul


The black abyss grabs hold,

Taking me to its soul.

Reflections of hell and beyond,

Pushing me deep and far.

Away from the light of day,

I have no need to pray.

Take me to the bottom,

Where no human has tread.

Away from humanity and light,

I have made my dark bed.


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View of Mt. Fuji from Mt. Tenjo on a cloudy winter morning




Night into day.

Day into night.

I’m swept away

As I hold tight.


The night numbs me,

Making me cold.

The days rush by

As I grow old.


I prefer day

When the sun shines.

The night is fey,

Dark through the pines.


Night into day.

Day into night.

Days become grey,

No strength to fight.



Hello, it’s just me.

Sitting in the dark.

I’m fun as can be.

A day at the park.

I’m here when you sleep.

Your worst nightmare.

Can you see its legs

Climbing your hair?

Can you feel it? 

It is black and furry.

Don’t go back to sleep

Or you’ll see blurry.

Did it bite your neck?

I can see the mark.

Just a little peck.

The room goes dark.