Raindrops on my mind.
A feeling of cleanliness.
How can we resist its pull?
It draws us to the window.
To watch its majestic descent.
It washes away all dirt and impurities.
Wash me.
Make me fresh and new.
Who can ask for anything more?



Please, I want to go outside.

No reason for you to hide.

The winds bring rain.

But they are tame.


I won’t fall or melt

If hail were to pelt.

I’ll be forever in your debt

If you allow me to get wet.


I’m pulling on my chain.

You don’t need half a brain

To know I’m ready to go free.

See what a great pet I can be.





The sun hits my face.

Clouds are soon

followed by raindrops,

Tears from heaven.

Between the sun and clouds

they fall.

Propelled by the soft wind,

They blur my vision,

Stop me in my tracks,

Cause me to face the sky,

To the heavens,

To the source.






Please wash away my sorrow and pain.
Let it flow down the streets with the rain.
Dissolved in torrents of despair and sadness,
Joining others on its way past the madness.

The ocean may take it far away
To places, we cannot even say,
Where no one recognizes its sting 
Or knows the infliction it can bring.

Let the rain grow harder with its might,
Becoming hail on this fateful night.
I want to be free of all traces
Of unwanted feelings and faces.

My body grows cold from the rain.
It stands clean and free from the pain.
Shivers create a path on my spine
As I wait in the dark woods of pine.

I hold my head high to the wet spray;
It becomes a mist of blue and grey.
The faucet has turned off for the night,
Leaving me feeling clean and so right.