The sun peeks through

a canopy of trees.

A blanket of color

protects me with leaves.

I’m sheltered with

soft petals of pink.

Like velvet sheets

splattered with ink.

A bed in the petals

offers rest for the weary.

I give a sigh of contentment

as my eyes grow teary.



We wait for the night,

dry from the sun,

weak to our roots.

We yearn for moisture,

petals limp,

stems drooping. 

We wait for the night,

for the moonlight

to ease our pain.

We wait for the dew

to quench our thirst,

to replenish our souls.

We wait for the sun

to lift its fiery head

and begin its daily ritual.

We are ready

to face the new day

with arms lifted.


FANTASYI dream of a placeWhere time stands still.Petals fly from trees,A pink hue cast on all.Climb the stairs to the castle,Where fantasies come to life.The warm breeze carries musicOn swirling rainbows of light.Pretty maidens dance in circlesAround the courtyard of flowers.Men become drunk on gigglesAnd flirty stares cast their way.Who is the ruler of this paradise?It is I, the dreamer of dreams.

(Source: sennenkoi)
I dream of a place
Where time stands still.
Petals fly from trees,
A pink hue cast on all.
Climb the stairs to the castle,
Where fantasies come to life.
The warm breeze carries music
On swirling rainbows of light.
Pretty maidens dance in circles
Around the courtyard of flowers.
Men become drunk on giggles
And hide away in their towers.
Who is the ruler of this paradise?
It is I, the dreamer of dreams.





The petals fall fast and furious.

The bare trees watch the fallen.

Limbs shivering in the coming cold.

Pink tears of surrender coat the ground.

As seasons come and go.

Yearning for their lost children.

They lift scraggly arms to the sky.

Prayers will soon be answered,

As seasons come and go.

Coats of white land on their branches.

Night falling all too soon.

Shivers dislodge the packed ice.

Leaving them bare once again.

They lift weary eyes to the sky.

As seasons come and go.

A warm wind caresses their arms.

Eyes open to sprouting buds.

Green and pink sweaters for spring.

Their children have returned.

As seasons come and go.