Words fill the crevices of my mind.

Emotions that are too hard to find.


Love poetry trembles from my lips.

Your passion I can bear in small sips.


Behind closed eyes, I can still see your face.

Hard features I cannot seem to erase.


Filled pages fall from my open fingers.

The unspoken love sonnet still lingers.


Maybe I should burn my wall of pages

To help clear my mind of these wild rages.





“Walk with me through the moonlit forest.
Let our feet graze the tips of the grass,
never touching down,
held aloft by our love and passion.

Follow me through the endless night
to a land where no man walks.
Only creatures as dark as the sky
dare to venture forth alone.

Love has no bounds or shackles.
We will be free to display our passion,
without retribution from humanity
as long as you remain mine.

Come with me, my ice princess.
Step away from the burning plains,
where the heat burns your soles
and love is hampered by the living.”

Wolf holds his hand out for me.
The words flow from him.
His lips never utter a sound,
but his meaning as clear as can be.

We can be together forever more.
But the other has followed us to the clearing.
He will try to take me back
and never give up his hold on me.

His eyes burn red with passion.
Fire follows close on his footsteps,
scorching a trail through the grass,
melting his enemy’s cold trail.

They face each other.
Hot and cold from opposite poles,
dueling until the end of time
as they fight to the death.

Our games have just begun.






Glistening water so deep,

I see it in my half sleep.

Rays of white over it all,

Giving it a mighty pall.

What lives beyond the norm?

Something with a dark form.

It rises from the glowing wet.

It’s definitely not a pet.

With a body muscular and strong.

It could be Wolf but let me be wrong.






Light squeezes between the leaves.

Eyes to the sky serve me best.

Rays cast hot fingers on me.

Sun has passed its daily test.


The circle widens and deepens.

A place to while away the day.

I keep to its rounded corners.

A place I’ve come to love and pray.


I Bid Adieu




He stands frozen before me.

A vision too hard to see.

My love is ice cold to the touch.

I’ve missed him so very much.

Who did this to him?

It’s a deadly sin.

Someone will surely pay for this tonight

at the party for a vampire’s delight.

A glass dome for the dancing pair,

twirl past statues with frozen hair.

My kiss lands on his cold lips

as I grasp his frozen hips.

He watches behind still blue eyes

as I bid my hasty goodbyes.

I will come back for him.

I won’t let evil win.

THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist



“Life goes on,
But how can I?”

Lost in her suffering in a town of despair,
Linda knows not how to release herself from here.

She gazes out at the big bright moon,
Knowing full well what it will bring soon.

“Please save us from the evil forces at bay.
We can’t live through this for even one more day.

Will this night be the same as all the rest,
Fleeing through the night at someone’s behest?

Will we ever be safe again in our beds,
To lie down asleep and rest our weary heads?

I see the light in the distance.
We can offer no resistance.

They are here for us all.
This night the town will fall.”



… the inner gauge is rising to its peak …


Anger raises its head

as I thrash in my bed.

The hot flush of pink is flowing.

To my brow, it isn’t slowing.


I remember his aqua eyes

as he retold his many lies.

I watched the grim line of his frown

as he turned my world upside down.


I won’t let him ruin my night.

I need him out of my sight.

No more meetings in the dark

beneath the elm in the park.


No more whispers as we walk.

I know the town loves to talk.

I say goodbye to my fickle love

as the moon bows its head above.


“ amazing-earth-pics:
“ Beautiful
A place for our dreams,
An earthly retreat.
Follow my heart’s beat.
Can you feel the heat?
The earth is alive.
Its core is on fire.
Come with me, darling.
I feel your desire.
It’s all too...



A place for our dreams,

An earthly retreat.

Follow my heart’s beat. 

Can you feel the heat?


The earth is alive.

Its core is on fire.

Come with me, darling.

I feel your desire.


It’s all too soon gone.

The door is closing.

It’s being washed out

By the sea’s hosing.


Don’t run from the truth.

Please come back to me.

You can’t turn away.

I know you love me.