Red is my lost soul,

yearning to be whole.

Red is your luscious lips,

where I yearn for sips.

Red is the sun’s last ray

as it sets for the day.

Red is the color of the sky

when I finally say goodbye.

Red is my return to hell

before the final bell.


I accepted the challenge on Linkedin to write a new version of A Perfect Summer Day that rhymes; now, it’s a love poem.

Broad brushstrokes of blue and gray
Meet to greet the perfect day.
The meandering swipes of teal
Mirror how you make me feel.
The foaming white swells drift apart,
As your kiss lingers in my heart.
My fingers reach for the brush,
But I tell my mind to hush.
No painting needed today
To capture the perfect day.
Nature speaks of the time
When you were only mine.


Beneath the tree

I yearn to walk between their legs.

Sentries held firm by giant pegs.

By their rules, we must strictly abide.

Imagine the secrets they must hide.

Come walk with me in their dark shade.

Through the fallen leaves, we will wade.

A canopy of leaves above our heads.

Come with me to our leafy beds.


The sparkle of the depths below

Tempts me more than you can know.

Are you beneath the sea?

I need you here with me.

Time has slowed to a stop.

A fin hits the water with a plop.

A flash of an arm beckons me.

A siren’s call freezes me.

I bend closer to the water’s edge.

Ready to make my lover a pledge.

I find myself falling into the cold.

I am soon lost in his tight hold.

I close my eyes and give up my fight.

For I’m free to roam the earth tonight.



When I think of the days in my life, my first thought goes to my best friend, Nounous. He’s been with me for 14 years, the most loyal friend who sits with me while I write and edit my books. He never complains but waits patiently to be fed or walked. He sleeps when I sleep. He can’t eat when I eat anymore since this year he developed diabetes and Cushing’s Disease. Since the vet had difficulty normalizing his numbers, he lost his vision due to cataracts. But through it all, he has kept his cheerful demeanor and allows me to give him shots and shove medicine down his throat.

The last picture shows my oldest daughter, Stephanie, holding Nounous in the pet shop on the day we purchased him. Yes, a pet shop. We didn’t know about breeders, but we fell in love with him on sight. The fourth picture shows my second daughter, Ashley, hugging Nounous since he was her Sweet Sixteen present. She might think he’s her present, but I’ve always wanted a small, white dog. And when I found Nounous, it was love at first sight.

I’ve always wondered why I yearned for a fluffy white dog. Then one day, a friend of my brother’s found my website and contacted me. My brother passed away 39 years ago. He said my brother had a small, white dog years ago, and it was a Maltese. In the back of my memory, I recall my brother holding a white puppy in our foyer. So, I’ve come full circle; I have a Maltese, just like my brother had.

I’m not ready to say goodbye to my best friend, and I hope to have more years to share with him. He’s a force of nature, just like my brother was. I love you, Neil. And I love you, Nounous.

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Read a book by the fire.

The pages will shine brighter.

I don’t need to fight the snowdrifts.

I’ll stay inside with the misfits.

The ones who prefer the books

that grab you with their hooks.

The fire is getting low

as the strong winds begin to blow.

I snuggle farther beneath the covers

as I read about murders and lovers.


I feel him in the breeze.

He was born to please.

His laughter rings loud

as he rides on a cloud.

Please return to me.

The night will set us free.