Too often, there are deaths.

Too often, there are murders.

Too often, we stop and stare.

Too often, people look away.

Sad, but true.

Human nature possesses an evil side,

which tempts us each day.

Its flipside offers us a way to achieve

purer thoughts and good deeds.

Which path will lead to a better world?

Too often, we make the wrong choice.




Read a book by the warm fire.

Moments can’t get any brighter.

Let the snow fall outside.

I will keep warm inside.

No need to fight the drifts.

I’ll stay with the misfits.

The ones who prefer books

that grab you with their hooks.

The fire is getting low.

The winds are about to blow.

I snuggled further beneath the covers

as I read about murders and lovers.


     A waitress with a name tag that read “Rose” came over to serve them. She looked friendly with her bright-red hair and snapping gum. She took their order and then asked if she could assist them with anything else.

     Linda decided to come straight out with what they wanted to know. She began by explaining their situation. “Two of our friends disappeared from a party given at End House this past Friday night. We suspect that the people who reside on the hill are the ones responsible. Do you know anything about them that can help us?”

     Rose called over two men. “Hey! Rob and Joe! We need help here!” Linda and Shana, becoming frightened, began to stand up. Then they noticed that the two old men, who were coming over to them, had big smiles on their wrinkled faces. They joined them at their booth.

     Rose said to the men, “These women were at that party and they think that the hill people had something to do with the disappearances.”

     The one called Joe, who had a full head of white hair and a long white beard, nodded his head in agreement. “We have always suspected that those people were evil. Tourists disappear every year and nothing is ever done about it. The sheriff seems to be in cahoots with them. Parties are given on the hill on the same two nights each year. On these nights, shadows can be seen creeping around the deserted streets of town.”

     Rob, who wore very thick glasses and had curly grey hair, added, “The parties look like secret meetings of some society. Everything is always done after dark.”

     Rose spoke up. “We never see these people until the sun goes down. They don’t bother talking to us. I’ve been living here thirty years and I’ve spoken to only a few of them.”

     “Our town doesn’t go out after dark; we steer clear of the hill people. There have been many legends, but we don’t know if any are true,” Joe said.

     Shana asked, “What are some of the legends?”

     “One legend describes the hill people as vampires in hiding. They meet with the rest of the vampires in the world twice a year. These meetings are planning sessions on how to keep their species alive,” Joe said.

      “Another legend has the hill people as good vampires that are trying to rid the world of The Dead, a sect of evil vampires who enjoy killing people—just for fun. The Dead have greater powers than regular vampires and are led by a strong and malicious head vampire. The good vampires meet twice a year to plan the defense of their slowly diminishing group,” Rob explained.

     “How can you remain living here if you believe the worst of the people in town?” Linda asked. She didn’t believe in vampires, but if these people thought so poorly of the townspeople, then why didn’t they just leave?

     Rose answered for them, “We don’t know if the legends are true. We’ve been living here unhurt all these years. Maybe the tourists disappearing are just coincidences. We can’t pack up our whole village and leave. We need the income from the ocean: the fishing has been very profitable.”

     “Maybe they want you to remain living here for some sinister purpose,” Shana said. 

     “If you find out anything, please let us know,” said Rose, with concern beginning to dawn in her eyes.

     “Don’t worry. We’ll let you know of any new developments. We’ll figure this out and find our friends,” Linda replied, trying to downplay Shana’s dire warning.

     The village looked lovely and peaceful on the surface, but Linda was afraid that there was much more brewing beneath the surface. As she ate her lunch, she tried to be as cheerful as possible so that Shana wouldn’t notice her rising fears and suspicions.

The Dead Game by Susanne Leist


May 16, 2015
If you moved to a new town, opened a business, and strange things started to happen- would you stay? The main character in the story decides to stay long after I myself would have left. I had to keep reading the book to find out why menacing events in the community were occurring with greater and greater frequency. The author, Susanne Leist, combines several genres to tell her murder mystery. The book is a fast read. There are lots of twists, turns, supernatural things happening, Vampire conflicts, there’s a love story, and too much more to list. The narrative is put together very nicely and the dialog is very entertaining. As I came to the end of the book I thought about the Fourth of July and the grand finale- things in the story kept coming at you at an unbelievable pace and just when you thought it was over, there was a new development. Well done. This book is a good read.



Step through the portal.

To another dimension.

To another time zone.

Where anything is possible.

Where anything is probable.

Close your eyes.

Make a wish.

And walk through

the ring.

Only vampires

have the power

to grant wishes.


can take them away.

Tread carefully on

your journey.






The church is on fire.

The town under attack.

Shadows on the wind.

Bringing hell to our homes.

Murder to our families.

Who are they?

What do they want?

We must fight back.

Fight for our lives.

Fight for our town.

Before it’s too late.

Before more disappear.

To the ranks of The Dead.

No more bodies on our shores.

No more victims of their wrath.

We will fight to the end.







Oasis was under attack—from the storm and evil vampires. What else was in store for them?

Shana ran over to Father John and said, “What happened?”

“The world was waiting for man and vampire to rally their forces, which was the only way to truly annihilate the evil vampires from town.”

“I don’t understand,” Shana said. “Why could only you and Abe accomplish that? We’ve been working with vampires all along and nothing has ever helped.”

“Abe is the leader of The Watchers, a group of vampires chosen to watch over the human race and to protect them from errant vampires. I’m a priest, which is a leader in the religious world and, more importantly, I also have the spell book.” Father John grinned.

“Oh. The spell book. Now I understand,” Shana said to the priest.

Mike spoke up, “I hate to interrupt this stimulating conversation, but we seem to be having a problem over at End House. It looks like the house is going crazy from the storm. The demons are pushing their bodies through the walls. We should visit there next.” Looking around at everyone, he smiled. “Oh, good. We get to return to the house where all hell was first let loose.”

“Mike, have you gone crazy? Why would you want to return to where we almost got ourselves killed? Where Tom and Edward disappeared?” David shouted.

Mike turned his face away.

The others were staring at End House. In the distance, they watched large forms push their way through the walls of the house: arms, faces, and even legs could be seen stretching through the solid brick walls. Meanwhile, the storm was throwing lightning strikes into the house, slowing down the progress of the strange beings that were so intent on escaping their prison.

Father John stood before them. “We must return to End House and make sure it is destroyed for good this time.”

After some grumbling—mostly from David—they prepared themselves for the next task that lay ahead of them.