Too often, there are deaths.

Too often, there are murders.

Too often, we stop and stare.

Too often, people look away.

Sad, but true.

Human nature possesses an evil side,

which tempts us each day.

Its flipside offers us a way to achieve

purer thoughts and good deeds.

Which path will lead to a better world?

Too often, we make the wrong choice.



Crowds of people.

Cars honking.

People pushing.

Where are they going?

A blur to me.

A mass of humanity.

Hurrying to their end.

No individuality.

No manners.

A need to get somewhere fast.

Trapped in their thoughts.

In a hurry to go nowhere.


Asectic by Pierre Alain D. ©


We tend to forget

we’ve sprung from the soil.

When our time is done,

we’ll return to it.

We must maintain our humility,

keep our humanity intact.

The earth can still reject us,

eject us from its sphere.

Don’t tempt it.





Humanity has overgrown its boundaries.

Its reach has surpassed all expectations.

We are herded into buildings like cattle.

On subways, we are packed like sardines.


Mankind spreads to devour new areas,

To bring the world under its deadly reign.

Why not spoil the open spaces, we ask, 

until they resemble our version of hell?


The ocean bears our garbage and refuse,

While the horizon dims from the smog.

We puff on our cigars and cars

Until our sins are hidden by a smoke screen.


When will we say enough is enough?

It is time to replenish what we have taken.

It’s past time to rebuild and sow.

We must save the animals going extinct,

And feed our countrymen who live on the streets.


Will this happen in our lifetimes?

We know the answer to this question.

Unless something drastic is done,

we will continue on this path 

to our own destruction.



My eyes see the light beyond

where humans hurry to and fro.

My eyes see the darkness inside

where humans have no pride.

They fight and attack each other

with no regard for their species.

They rant and rave over their passions

with little concern for the welfare of others.

My eyes see the good and the bad,

leaving me all too sad.