How did I come to be here?

Cold wrapped around me in fear.

No matter how far I walk.

I could hear them move and talk.

Muttering curses on me.

But faces I cannot see.

They surround me on each side.

There’s nowhere for me to hide.

I must get out of here soon.

Before the next full moon.





The landscape is cold and bleak.

I’m beginning to feel weak.


Ice is melting in my shoes.

I’m getting the winter blues.


I can’t find my way from here.

I had thought the town was near.


I’ve been walking for days.

I’m in some kind of daze.


There’s a break in the rocks ahead.

I hope they don’t leave me for dead.


My friends have to come back to me.

Rocks and trees are all I can see.


My friends are in the park playing ball.

I didn’t have to be afraid at all.




Darkness enters my room 

in shades of midnight blue.

It breathes its cold breath

on my warm, sleeping face.

It wakes me from a dream

of green & blue cascading waves.

I am now faced with a dark

and hollow feeling inside.

Who opened my window?

Who let in the dark?



I see men


In the cold

Coming closer to my home.

Snow swirls around them.

Feet crunch on ice.

Four of them.

Why are they here?

Four men.

The window mists from my breath.

It fogs my view.

I must run.

I must hide.

Four men.