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View of Mt. Fuji from Mt. Tenjo on a cloudy winter morning




Night into day.

Day into night.

I’m swept away

As I hold tight.


The night numbs me,

Making me cold.

The days rush by

As I grow old.


I prefer day

When the sun shines.

The night is fey,

Dark through the pines.


Night into day.

Day into night.

Days become grey,

No strength to fight.





The world twists and turns.

It squeezes us dry like sponges

until we have no strength to fight.

I can’t keep my eyes open any longer

and watch the mad parade of colors.

Hurricanes, poverty, violence, shootings.

Red will soon hide the greens and blues.

Madness will descend and replace the stars.

The moon will hide its face from the night.

The sun will no longer send its rays of warmth. 

Mankind will be alone to fend off the darkness.

Twisting, turning, squeezing

until nothing remains of mankind.