Source: snappedbyjc

Take the night to the limit,

The road to its end,

The sun to its setting.

Leave no stone unturned,

No drama incomplete,

No sentence unwritten.

Take the road to the limit,

To a future yet to happen,

To times better spent.

Raise a glass to adventure,

A smile to the road taken,

Leaving no road untaken.


Icy waves ravage the shore

before returning for more.

Soaring birds ride the mighty towers,

refusing to yield to their powers.

Dolphins coast in the swells,

ignoring the death bells.

Tides hit the rocks

with frozen blocks.

They plow through the sand

with sharp claws in hand.

Momentum without end;

A force we cannot bend.


Red Path

I take the winding path shaded in red,

instead of hiding in my comfy bed.

The road widens and narrows its scope

as it weaves away from any hope.

Blood red threatens the night sky

as laughter follows me high.

Rivers of crimson red coat my aching feet

as I walk the road of shame and defeat.

“Is it too late to take the high road?

I ask if I may be so bold.

I run toward the rainbow in my mind

in the colors and hues I hope to find.


I accepted the challenge on Linkedin to write a new version of A Perfect Summer Day that rhymes; now, it’s a love poem.

Broad brushstrokes of blue and gray
Meet to greet the perfect day.
The meandering swipes of teal
Mirror how you make me feel.
The foaming white swells drift apart,
As your kiss lingers in my heart.
My fingers reach for the brush,
But I tell my mind to hush.
No painting needed today
To capture the perfect day.
Nature speaks of the time
When you were only mine.



Color my world in shades of pink,

so long as I don’t have to think.

Brush more color in strokes of blue,

so I don’t have to think of you.

Add a mist of dark green

until I’m ready to scream.

Throw more colors at me,

but I know what I’ll see.

The world fades to black

until you come back.

Who Goes There?


Into the woods, I flee,

yearning to be set free.

I don’t know which way to go.

I turn around, to and fro.

A light shines between the trees.

I peek between the thick leaves.

No one is along the path.

I can do the simple math.

It’s them against me.

I’ll never be free.


WHERE THE WIND BLOWS The trees of the forest shiver and shake, their long limbs trembling for the next quake. Their bodies blaze a glaring white with tears frozen from their new plight. The world has become hard and cold. My trembling body feels...

The trees of the forest shiver and shake.

Their long limbs tremble from the next quake.

Thick bodies blaze a glaring white.

Tears freezing from their new plight. 

The world has become hard and cold.

My trembling body feels old.

Surrounded on four sides by white. 

The bright glare blinded my sight.

White is the color of my nightgown.

I stand and shiver with a frown.

A shadow emerges from the trees.

I hope it is not him, pretty please.

My body moves forward against my will.

I grab a thick tree and try to hold still.

I dig my feet into the packed snow.

But I must go where the wind might blow.


Beneath the tree

I yearn to walk between their legs.

Sentries held firm by giant pegs.

By their rules, we must strictly abide.

Imagine the secrets they must hide.

Come walk with me in their dark shade.

Through the fallen leaves, we will wade.

A canopy of leaves above our heads.

Come with me to our leafy beds.