Green grows deep in the forest,

slithering up the tall trees,

digging holes in the brown earth.

The earth rumbles and quakes,

yearning to free itself

from the shackles of green

tethered to its arms and legs.

Soon all is slathered in the lime color

as a green mist gathers and circles.





Pebbles drift in the ocean

in multitudes too many to count.

I yearn for the dark sea

as it holds mystery for me.

I will join these pebbles,

one more to their endless journey,

where I may find answers

to questions unspoken.





A flower is a perfect spot.

The yellow looks scrumptious to me. 

Pink flowers will be my next stop.

I’m happy as a buzzing bee.


Spreading joy through the leafy green.

Nectar to my toes through my nose.

Stopping here and there in between.

Sharing everywhere like a hose.