The storm approaches the shore.

A spray of water hits my face.

The salty breeze lifts tendrils of hair.

Palm trees sway and bend.

The sand ripples

from the increasing wind.

Birds flee for safety.

Waves crash against the rocks.

The sky darkens to red in its anger,

raining tears across the land and sea.

When will it end?

Once the sky calms,

the sun will shine.

The birds will return.

The tantrum will be over.




The winds have taken their victims.

Tree limbs lie scattered across the grass.

A quiet descends upon the land.

Animals peek from

their hiding places.

Birds chirp in unison,

happy to be free again.

The sun will soon shine.

The clouds will clear.

The darkness will leave.

The earth regenerates itself,

preparing for the new day.




The ocean roars its fury.

It removes any intruders.

No boats to drift on its surface.

No swimmers to ride its waves.

Frustration hits the rocks.

Anger raises the wave swells.

Birds flee.

The sun hides.

We wait.

Will the waters recede?

The answer lies in the ocean’s depths.





The storm approaches the shore.

Dampness coats the air.

Mist sprays against my face.

Strands of hair fly in the wind.

Thunder rumbles in the distance.

I feel it.

It’s almost here.

Will I lose myself to it?

Let it take me to its depths.

I spread my arms,

Lift my head high.

I let myself fall.

Arms pull me under.

Lips reach for mine.

I’m lost for eternity,

Lost to the rushing wind,

Prisoner of the ultimate despair,

Partner in pain and sorrow.

The choice is made and done.

I float away with my dear one.

Together we will forge a path

Through darkness and hell

To a heavenly place beyond.


heyimchandler Deactivated

Looking through Partition Arch in Arches National Park



From here I can see

the wonderful sea.

I step through the door.

I stand at the shore.

Sand at my bare feet.

The sun shining heat.

But the sun soon leaves,

and the ocean heaves.

Sharp hail hits my face.

Men sprint in a race.

They shout for me to move.

I follow their quick groove.

Time has come to a standstill.

It’s time to leave this landfill.