crying statue


Frozen in place.

Dripping tears for centuries.

Memories of a lifetime.

Praying for salvation.

A frown for eternity.

Will her tears sprout

a garden for The Dead?


THE DEAD GAME Series by Susanne Leist

THE DEAD GAME http://amzn.to/1lKvMrP 

PREY FOR THE DEAD: Book Two https://amzn.to/2F1IiI2




The storm approaches the shore.

A spray of water hits my face.

The salty breeze lifts tendrils of hair.

Palm trees sway and bend.

The sand ripples

from the increasing wind.

Birds flee for safety.

Waves crash against the rocks.

The sky darkens to red in its anger,

raining tears across the land and sea.

When will it end?

Once the sky calms,

the sun will shine.

The birds will return.

The tantrum will be over.




I gaze at the night sky

at the bright lights so high.

Will my wishes come true?

Will I ever see you?


You appear in my dreams each night.

I yearn to have you in my sight.

I haven’t seen you for years.

But you’re always in my tears.


Would we have had a good life,

one without sadness and strife?

I won’t be able to ask you this.

I won’t be rewarded with this bliss.


I must be content with my dreams

as my life crumbles at the seams.

I keep my memories close inside.

Of my love, I have no need to hide.





In the dark of night

when others sleep,

I sit in the woods

and count my sheep.

My heart hangs heavy

as I think of you.

I refuse to cry

if I dream of you.

They have told me

to allow my tears to fall.

I shut my eyes

and fall asleep in a ball.

The wind whistles through the trees.

I open my eyes to a sight.

You sit on the grass facing me,

your eyes shining in the dim light.

“Cry if you want to,”

you whisper.

“But I don’t want to,”

I whisper.

The dawn lights the dark sky.

I yawn and stretch my limbs.

My eyes are bright and dry

since I’ve refused to cry.



Floating in the dark of night

After birds have taken flight.

Out in the sea, I drift alone

Where no one else dares to roam.

Tears fall upon my face

As they increase their pace.

I am flooded with grief and despair.

I free my braid and cut chunks of hair.

I don’t need to be a beauty anymore.

He’s walked out of the proverbial door.

I am free to drift with the night or

Visit the depths of the ocean floor.

No one searches for me.

I take a step, I’m free.




The sun hits my face.

Clouds are soon

followed by raindrops,

Tears from heaven.

Between the sun and clouds

they fall.

Propelled by the soft wind,

They blur my vision,

Stop me in my tracks,

Cause me to face the sky,

To the heavens,

To the source.