This is life.

The choice set before us.

The sun or the dark of night.

Optimism or pessimism.

Good or evil.

The darkness taunts us.

It’s too easy to succumb to it.

Fight the greedy devil.

The choice is yours to make.




The winds have taken their victims.

Tree limbs lie scattered across the grass.

A quiet descends upon the land.

Animals peek from

their hiding places.

Birds chirp in unison,

happy to be free again.

The sun will soon shine.

The clouds will clear.

The darkness will leave.

The earth regenerates itself,

preparing for the new day.




Take me to the bright light that shimmers

in the far reaches of the forest.

I lay my head on a thick bed of grass.

A blanket of flowers for my cover.

Sleeps takes me away from here

to a place where there’s no fear.

I fly above the branches

and gaze at my sleeping form.

Contentment relaxes my face.

My eyelids flicker in my dream.

Too soon it will be night,

bringing the dark and cold.

I must return tomorrow

to see how my dream unfolds.