Lost to a world of death.

Far beneath the earth.

Trapped for centuries.

Never seeing the light.

Night never turning into day.

A family lost to the dark.

Driven crazy by despair.

Locked in dark chambers.

For eternity.

Lost to the world of the damned.

Only one could save them.

THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist



A light shines from within.

From a lone window.

Darkness veils the others.

Demons trapped in their cells.

Locked in their prisons.

Waiting for their master.

To unleash its terror.





A light shines in.

All are asleep.

Green glow creeps in.

I hear him weep.


Beep in my head.

No one hears it.

Enough is said.

I can’t bear it.


Vibrates in my ears.

But this cannot be.

Bringing me to tears.

A phone call for me.

A Darkness To My Soul

constantphobia Deactivated 



The black abyss grabs hold,

Taking me down into its soul.

Reflections of hell and beyond,

Pushing me down deeper.

Away from the light of day,

I will bring out my worst.

Take me down to the bottom,

Where no human has tread.

Away from the light,

I will make my dark bed.






Take me out of this forest,

Out of this tangled mess.

Away from my demons,

Who haunt me at night.

I can see the light ahead,

A beacon of light shining bright.

A view of sand and ocean,

And better times ahead.





Their fingers clasped tightly,

keeping the light out

and intruders in.

Paths snake through the brush,

leading in endless circles.

The darkness envelopes us,

holding us close to its dark heart.

No way out of this forest,

lost in the labyrinth of despair.

Waiting for The Dead and gone,

who hold our lives in their evil hands.

THE DEAD GAME has begun.


sundxwnGullfoss in Winter Sun by Peter Negatsch


The winter sun is rising.

Releasing its stored energy.

Cracking the frozen ground wide open.

Creating a dark hole.

A hole reaching down

into emptiness.

No lights.

No sounds.

Only nothingness.

The sun feels good

on my face.

The snow feels less cold

and forbidding.

The light is calling me

away from the darkness.

I will listen to it.

I will go toward it.

Away from the gaping hole

and empty dreams.

To the light of a new day.

Good morning world.