quietmoodygirlbenjoyment: Last night’s Supermoon.


The moon creeps 

through the maze of clouds,

a dark blanket

where stars sparkle and shine.

Time to welcome the dark shadows,

the nightwalkers,

the dreamers,

the ghosts of the past.

Welcome the night creatures

who are brave enough

to face the night.

For the night is here to stay.




The mist follows close at my heels,

Relentless in its pursuit.

Roots poke through the ground.

Tree limbs grab at me.

The fog clears.

The forest ends.

I’ve reached the clearing.

He waits for me.

A black stallion is his ride.

I grab his extended arm.

He lifts me behind him.

We ride like the wind.

I sigh and turn my head.

A scream is lodged in my throat.

His face isn’t of my loved one

but a mask of death.

We ride like the wind

to the ends of the earth.

Hell’s gates shut behind us.

No one is knocking on its doors.










The sky’s crimson reflection

mars the ocean’s blue surface.

As the sun sets for the night,

it hides behind the darkening clouds.

The sky dips into its bag of tricks

to bring forth a yellowed moon.

As the sky becomes inky black,

the water flows blood red.

From the murky depths,

dark creatures rise this night.

Onto our crisp white shores, they walk,

leaving bloody footprints in the sand.


THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist




Snow falls.

Music floats in the air.

Inside the glass house,

the guests dance.

Their images reflect on the

sparkling walls.

Champagne flows

and so does the blood.

The clock strikes midnight.

The dance floor empties.

We are alone.

The games have begun.



An Interview of Susanne Leist by Ndeye Labadens

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Meet Susanne Leist

Thank you for being with us. Please Introduce yourself.

Hi. My name is Susanne Leist. I am the author of The Dead Game series.

What’s the story behind the title?

The Dead Game series takes place in the fictional setting of Oasis, Florida. Oasis is nestled on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean with white sand and picturesque homes. Tourists visit for the warm weather and the fancy Oasis Hotel, which caters to the rich and famous. The nights bring another story. Dark shadows roam the streets while mysterious parties are held in the woods behind the town.

Why did you write this book?

My recent interest in the paranormal enticed me to write paranormal suspense in an exotic location. I wanted to combine suspense, mystery, and romance.

How do you keep the reader’s attention?

Readers won’t have time to let their attention wander. The action is non-stop. The twists and turns will keep them guessing to the bitter end.

How did you come up with this book idea?

My idea began with a deserted house. Lured to this mansion with a promise of a party, my main character, Linda, and her friends are confronted with traps and illusions. The story takes a supernatural turn once the residents who keep hidden during the day appear after dark and a dead body washes ashore. I didn’t know I would be entering the paranormal realm until my characters did.

What publishing elements do you most enjoy and most like to avoid, and why? (e.g., design, marketing, formatting, etc.)

I love writing and marketing. Editing is done along the way. I am always making changes and editing. After the book is completed, I use professional help for further editing and formatting.

What’s next on your writing journey?

I finished writing the second book in the series. I’m still editing. Soon I will forward it to an editor.

Where would my audience find your book?

My book is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in e-book and paperback.





I walk in a field of Bluebonnets.

I thought to compose for them sonnets.

The sweet fragrance fills my soul

until I am again whole.

I feel tired as I smile

like I’ve walked a full mile.

I will make my bed

and lay down my head.

My thoughts drift so slow and low,

somewhere over the rainbow…




A party on Friday 13th

has turned into a horror show.

I’m trapped with my friends

in the basement of End House.

The floor fills with water.

Rotating saws descend.

We swim to the other side

and are faced with three doors.

We open one.

Roars fill the inky darkness.

Wild animals pace their cages.

I turn to run.

Hot breath on my neck.

I glance back.

The cages have opened.

A tiger advances.

I close my eyes.

We are doomed to play