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Darkness surrounds the town of Oasis.
The only escape is through the magical door.
The door that the villagers keep hidden.
Soon all the residents will need to escape.
The Oasis Hotel is engulfed in dark shadows.
Half-filled glasses sit on the tables at its bar.
Tables and chairs fly across its patio deck.
Where are the guests?
The Dead Game has begun.




The old house stands alone,
dark and deserted,
on the overgrown lawn.
A wind rustles through the fallen leaves.
The only sound in the dead silence.
No footsteps to break the quiet.
No sounds of life to lift the spirits.
Only the dead for company.
Their spirits walk the house.
No footsteps to break the quiet.
For the dead don’t leave footprints.


End House is dark and deserted.

The invitation called for a party.

No one is here to greet us.

Flickering candles line the hallway,

Beckoning us to follow.

Gargoyles tower over the carpeted staircase.

The door behind us locks shut.

What do we do now?




Once you begin to read,
your nightmare will never end.
You will hunted and pursued
through dark houses, revolving rooms,
deadly traps, and never-ending horrors.
There’s no rest for the weary in Oasis.
THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist


Once you begin to read,

your nightmare will never end.

You will be hunted and pursued

through revolving rooms,  deadly traps,  

and never-ending horrors.

There’s no rest for the weary in Oasis.

THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist 


The Devils Frying Pan

There is a very strange rock on Otley Chevin. The Chevin is a large escarpment overlooking the market town of Otley in Yorkshire. In fact it dominates it, being visible from all over the town looking Southwards.

It is an odd stone – sat high on the very top of the outcrop of rocks on the peak of the escarpment. A large bowl is cut in the middle of the rock and a channel is cut from the bowl leading down to the bottom of the rocks. The whole carving looks like a large frying pan. It is definitely man made. Whoever carved it must have been very patient, it being carved in ‘rock hard’ millstone grit.

The Devils Frying Pan

I have asked some of my archaeology friends and no one seems to know what it is. It may be modern, but it could just as well be ancient. The Chevin is a big landmark, and the moors surrounding the Chevin are covered in ancient carvings, tombs and stone circles. There are some strange markings around the bowl which (to me) look like Neolithic markings – but they are not in any website or antiquarian book that I have found…

The rocky outcrop of The Chevin, with the Devils Frying Pan and Otley below

We were told by one of our teachers whilst at school that it was called ‘The Devils Frying Pan’ and that it was a Druids alter where human sacrifices were carried out.

As I can’t find anything out about it, I’ll go with that 🙂



Source: The Devils Frying Pan


The Dead ride in the night


The Dead ride the night.

They ride with the wind.

The daylight is their enemy.

Be sure to lock your doors.

Cover your windows.

They might pass your house.

Fate determines who they select.

You might be next.

They are a select group.

They torment their victims.

They are a bloodthirsty bunch.

You might soon find out.

See you in hell.








The rain hits the puddles in staccato rhythm.
A constant and mesmerizing sound.
Tree branches hang low–weighed down with water.
Flowers lift their shiny faces for their washing.
The cold, crisp rain refreshes.
The clouds dry out.
The sun returns to brighten the day.
The air smells fresh and clean.
A new day dawns.
A new beginning.


room in haunted house


     They stepped into a drafty master bedroom,  illuminated by lit candles encircling the canopied bed. The candlelight created shadows that swayed back and forth across the ceiling and walls. Linda felt like the shadows were reaching out for her.  She backed away in horror, not knowing if she was imagining them or not.

     She didn’t want to move any closer to the bed, dreading what she might discover there. Anything was possible, from what they had already witnessed in this house. But Todd and Shana kept walking forward.  She moved with them toward the bed. 

     What she found there exceeded her wildest expectations. On the white quilt lay a human skeleton with its arms resting at its sides. The skeleton began to bleed, slowly at first, and then profusely from the deep gash in its bones from the long, serrated silver knife sticking out of its chest. In the stream of blood were worms—scores of worms—inching out from the deep hole, spreading across the white quilt. 

     Linda couldn’t believe her eyes. She gasped. More and more worms were climbing out from the body, falling in groups from the bed to land on the carpet.

     A new doorway emerged on the far side of the room. Enormous worms spread across the floor, their squishy bodies were blocking the path to the door. They were circling her feet, trying to climb up her shoes. She stomped her feet to dislodge the worms latching onto her heels.

     Looking over her shoulder, she saw Shana backing into a corner. Her eyes appeared huge and saucer-like as she stared at the worms crawling closer and closer to her. She wasn’t making a sound, but Linda could hear her shaking—as if her bones were rattling inside her quivering body.

      Impatient with both of them, Todd dragged them through the swarms of worms. Once they were outside the room, Linda gave a sigh of relief.  The persistent worms were locked in the bedroom, behind the door that had concealed itself into the wall.

What was next for them in this creepy house?