This is a fantasy come true. Sunshine in a sky so dark blue. White sand on a Florida beach. Within a tourist’s grasping reach. Until the night rears its dark head. And tourists disappear from bed. Can Oasis, Florida be cursed? Like it’s been...


This is a fantasy come true.

The sunshine in a sky dark blue.

White sand on a Florida beach.

Within a tourist’s grasping reach.

Until the night rears its dark head.

Tourists disappear from their bed.

Can Oasis, Florida be cursed?

Like it’s been carefully rehearsed.

Think twice before coming to shore.

It’s fun and games but so much more.






A perfect book for a summer day.

I will be reading it come what may.

Whether on the beach or in a boat,

I’ll be happy like a billy goat.

Vampires and demons, oh my!

It’s not a sweet lullaby.

Witches and darkness galore.

It surely won’t be a bore.

THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist



Autumn Fence, Woodstock, Vermont


A walk down a country road,

not knowing what it may hold.

Leaves crunch loudly beneath my feet,

walking fast is no easy feat.

I need to get home to make dinner,

I’d hoped the walk would make me thinner.

But I need to slow down and breath the air,

as sweet as cotton candy at a fair.

My steps follow the white picket fence,

the other side makes me cold and tense.

The huge dog jumps high in the air,

his eyes white dots in his black hair.

He whimpers and walks closer to me,

his dark eyes as wide as can be.

He lifts a large paw to the gate,

as I slow down my frenzied gait.

I stop in place to pet his head,

I know I have just made my bed.

I will now be home late for dinner,

but the dog knows I’m still the winner.

I have stopped to smell the flowers,

I’m refreshed with super powers.

I race home with new resolve,

no more time puzzles to solve.


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Calming blue waters.

Soft white sand.

Reclining on a hammock.

Enjoying the sunshine.

The bright blue sky.

The quiet.


Darkness descends upon us.

The trade winds turn violent.

Sand flies in our faces.

Rooftops fly above our heads.

We make a mad dash to town.

The sun hides her face.

Lightning joins the winds.

Where to hide?

The Town Hall waits.

Its front door stands open.

Inside is dark and quiet.

What awaits us now?

Windows shatter.

Shrieks fill the rooms.

Shadows fly by the tall windows.

We’re doomed.





The waves are washing in.

But I can still see him.

He’s followed me here.

Must not let him get near.

He has returned from the dead.

I won’t let him in my bed.

He wants me for his queen.

With him I can’t be seen.

The tides are surely rising.

My mind is agonizing.

How will I manage to get away

Before the dawn of the new day?




The Dead can appear in disguise

As people like you and me.

They can change forms to hide

Like a raindrop falling from the sky.