A more beautiful place cannot be.
It faces the waves of the dark sea.

White sand and quiet beaches galore.
You can’t ask for anything more.
Life is perfect as can be.
Come and frolic with me.
Tourists visit from far and wide.
Oasis is Florida’s pride.
Beware as The Dead descend.
We can no longer pretend
This is a perfect place to be.
The Dead will rise from the sea.
Darkness brings flying creatures and death.
Beware that this won’t be your last breath.





Floating in the dark of night

After birds have taken flight.

Out in the sea, I drift alone

Where no one else dares to roam.

Tears fall upon my face

As they increase their pace.

I am flooded with grief and despair.

I free my braid and cut chunks of hair.

I don’t need to be a beauty anymore.

He’s walked out of the proverbial door.

I am free to drift with the night or

Visit the depths of the ocean floor.

No one searches for me.

I take a step, I’m free.




The cobblestones glisten

outside the dark cemetery.

Gravestones stand tall

in the heavy fog.

Moans sweep the winds

that rustle the lifeless trees.

A gate stands open

to welcome the curious.

Footsteps draw closer

to my hiding place.

A cloaked figure enters

the home of The Dead.

It enters a mausoleum

with an angel standing guard.

Goosebumps riddle my body

as I inch forward from my spot.

Dark shadows drift to the door

that the figure has left open.

I can’t stand the suspense any longer

and so I must follow their lead.

I must find the secret lair

of The Dead and gone.



1 we open at sunset

“we open at sunset.”



The sun lowers its head in the darkening sky.

A young man pedals his bicycle.

He parks beneath the striped awning,

rushing to his wilting plants.

He brings them into the store.

I cross the street and peek into the window.

The man tends to the leaves with a mister.

He arranges them on a table beneath the window.

The plants straighten their stems.

Their leaves spread wide to hold each other’s hands.

The man steps back with a grin on his face.

Our eyes meet through the glass.

He holds my gaze before turning away.

He’s seen me.

The handsome man moves closer to the door.

His eyes seek mine.

I hold my breath.

A slow smile crosses his face,

dimpling his cheeks beneath sculpted cheekbones.

He waves for me to enter.

I open the glass door as the bell chimes.

The fragrant scent of flowers rises to my nose.

I stand beside the tall man.

Together, we watch the plants as they stretch their stems

toward the rays streaming through the window.

I whisper, “Why do you wait a whole day to water them?”

He faces me. 

“This is the way,” he says.

I scrunch my nose. “What way?”

He smiles.

His dimples reappear. 

“The way of the prior owner

who told me to water them at sunset.”

“What would happen if you forgot?” I ask.

He stares through the window.

“These are special plants that must be watered,”

he replies,

“the same time every day or else they die.”

“Amazing,” I murmur.

The plants glisten in the orange glow

from the sun before it retreats to bed.

The plants drop their hands.

“What happens now?” I ask.

He smiles. 

“They go to sleep.”


His dark blue gaze falls on me. 

“Would you like to accompany me to dinner this evening?”

My heart pounds. 

“Will you tell me about the plants?” I ask.

His dimples deepen. 

“Of course. And we can even share our names.”

I giggle. 

“That’s right. I don’t know yours.”

“But I know yours, Amy.”


He takes my hand,

placing it in the crook of his arm. 

“All will be explained.”






The moon shines bright on us all.

It has made the sun’s face fall.

It takes over the night from now on.

No more heat from its favorite sun.

Oasis will exist in the dark.

It’s scary in this deserted park.

I must get home before it’s too late.

Before my fate is sealed on this date.






The landscape is cold and bleak.

I’m beginning to feel weak.


Ice is melting in my shoes.

I’m getting the winter blues.


I can’t find my way from here.

I had thought the town was near.


I’ve been walking for days.

I’m in some kind of daze.


There’s a break in the rocks ahead.

I hope they don’t leave me for dead.


My friends have to come back to me.

Rocks and trees are all I can see.


My friends are in the park playing ball.

I didn’t have to be afraid at all.