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My life has taken a downward spiral.
All I have taken for granted
is gone in a second.
A fleeting memory
of good times gone by.
Leaving me in a vacuum
of my own despair.
To wander the nights alone.
Voices filling my head.
Ice in my veins.
No one is left
but a ghost of me.



Lost to a world of death.

Far beneath the earth.

Trapped for centuries.

Never seeing the light.

Night never turning into day.

A family lost to the dark.

Driven crazy by despair.

Locked in dark chambers.

For eternity.

Lost to the world of the damned.

Only one could save them.

THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist




Their fingers clasped tightly,

keeping the light out

and intruders in.

Paths snake through the brush,

leading in endless circles.

The darkness envelopes us,

holding us close to its dark heart.

No way out of this forest,

lost in the labyrinth of despair.

Waiting for The Dead and gone,

who hold our lives in their evil hands.

THE DEAD GAME has begun.


sundxwnGullfoss in Winter Sun by Peter Negatsch


The winter sun is rising.

Releasing its stored energy.

Cracking the frozen ground wide open.

Creating a dark hole.

A hole reaching down

into emptiness.

No lights.

No sounds.

Only nothingness.

The sun feels good

on my face.

The snow feels less cold

and forbidding.

The light is calling me

away from the darkness.

I will listen to it.

I will go toward it.

Away from the gaping hole

and empty dreams.

To the light of a new day.

Good morning world.




My tears fall like weeping petals,

dripping down their long stem.

No hope is left in my heart

for us to be together again.

Raindrops cannot bring back this rose

nor my tears a love gone bad.

I lay my head down in sorrow

beside the wilted petals of despair.



Hard choices.

Which one to choose?

Both lead to darkness

and despair.

Some decisions don’t

have happy endings.

But we are forced to choose.

Which one?

What to do?

Such is life.

Close your eyes and pick one.

Happy trails.






Drowning in despair.

Falling deeper.

Wanting to let go.

Sinking to the bottom.

Head will soon be submerged.

No fight left.

No will to go on.

Let the darkness take me.

Into its arms I go willingly.

Ready to surrender.

To its everlasting blackness.