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Shades of red fall from the sky,

They hit the ground in puddles of crimson.

Red falls from the darkening sky.

It covers the grass with its bright hue.

My face burns hot from its touch

as blood pumps faster through my heart.

The creatures track my desperate retreat

through the deserted woods.

I will be one with them all too soon.




Source: xx || Edited by: me


An entity all its own.

A living,



The walls hold secrets

of times gone by,

memories of long ago.

The house keeps

its secrets close.


The Hunt



It first comes slowly
in the dead of night.
Walking on silent feet,
it draws near.
You run faster,
but it speeds up.
You dash into a building,
an empty school.
It soon follows,
bringing with it a silence.
You can feel its presence
as it moves closer.
It follows you
down the deserted hallway.
You check the doors.
You jiggle the knobs.
They’re all locked.
​You turn around
and stand strong.
Darkness falls
to encompass all.



So many words
to describe the house.
Too many words to describe
how I feel inside this house.
I will take it step by step.
One creaky step
followed by another.
Until I make it to the top.
What will I find there?
Creak, creak.
We will find out together.
Creak, creak.
Those weren’t my creaks.
I’m not alone in the house.
I’m leaving.



Crystal chandelier of mine.
I love your sparkle and shine.
You bring back memories long gone
when life hadn’t been so far gone.
Remember the parties we used to host?
Fancy guests arriving from coast to coast.
Music and laughter were the rules of the day.
But now all that are left are the bills to pay.



Linda was caught in a nightmare that she couldn’t escape from. It felt too real to be a nightmare but she couldn’t wake up.

     She chose the Fun House. She stepped into a room full of mirrors that made her multiple reflections appear distorted and unreal. She couldn’t figure out why she’d run into the Fun House if in every horror movie the victims were always portrayed as being terrorized there. She hoped this wasn’t another game of The Dead. She was determined to locate an exit, but found only mirrors and more mirrors; they made her dizzy. Her distorted reflections stared back at her—as if they were distinct entities, united against her, instead of her own creations.

     She ran until she crashed head-first through a mirror, into a dark place with no beginning or end. The whole experience felt unreal to her—as if she were lost in a different dimension. Behind this mirror, she encountered a man with a white mask and empty holes for eyes, laughing at her. When he touched her arm, she realized that he was real and not just a reflection.

     She fled from the laughing man, going deeper and deeper into the dark unknown. She looked back and noticed creatures following close behind her. Some were bats and some were dark shadows, but all were reaching for her. She hoped that these weren’t the same shadows from town that had been haunting her for weeks.

      She hit something hard and fell down. So maybe this place did have an end. She raced away with her hands out, hoping to find the mirror that had caused her to enter this dark hell. Ahead of her in the distance, she glimpsed a shiny surface. As she got closer, she realized it was the mirror, patiently waiting for her. I hope this wasn’t a trap.

     She decided to step through the mirror and worry about the consequences afterward. She had always been afraid of the dark. She wondered how these creatures knew her fears—unless it wasn’t real, but just a figment of her imagination. She stuck her hand out and found that it flowed right through the glass. She followed her hand and crawled through the mirror.

     She found herself back in the house by the sea. She was in the main hall, looking up at a long flight of stairs. She raced up the stairs and ran through the deserted rooms. The house was empty of any people or furnishings. All she could hear were her heels clicking on the shiny wood floors.

     Fearing that she was caught in an endless loop like the one at End House, she hurried back down the stairs, all the way down to the basement. Since the top two floors were empty, she decided to try the basement—even though basements were also popular in horror stories, which was exactly what she was in.

     The basement was empty. The floor she was standing on began to rotate around and around. She reached up to grab hold of something to help her climb off the revolving circle, but there was nothing: the walls were wet and slippery. As she tried to escape, she found herself falling deeper and deeper into the dark hole. The only thing she remembered before she lost consciousness was the sound of a man’s evil laughter as he chanted the words over and over, “It’s not over. I’ll be back.”

The Dead Game by Susanne Leist



The lights turn on in the room so dark.

We came here for a dare and a lark.

The rooms are deserted and cold.

Ghosts would be present we were told.

All we see are dust and deserted rooms.

No one has lived here in so many moons.

The quiet is unnerving and thick.

Time for us to leave this scene real quick.

Something doesn’t feel right.

We must turn and take flight.

Before the noise from above

Thinks we are her lost love.

The weeping woman is coming near.

She dances and chuckles at our fear.

The doors and windows are locking.

Our escape the ghost is blocking.



A mansion so dreary.
One should be leery
Of entering its gate.
Better leave it to fate.

Each room offers a view
Of history for you.
Beautifully furnished rooms
Swept clean by invisible brooms.

“Who lives in here?” you might ask
If you dare take him to task.
“Only I,” he might reply
With a twinkle in his eye.