Floating in the dark of night

After birds have taken flight.

Out in the sea, I drift alone

Where no one else dares to roam.

Tears fall upon my face

As they increase their pace.

I am flooded with grief and despair.

I free my braid and cut chunks of hair.

I don’t need to be a beauty anymore.

He’s walked out of the proverbial door.

I am free to drift with the night or

Visit the depths of the ocean floor.

No one searches for me.

I take a step, I’m free.



We walk alone,

Year after year.

Troubles weigh us down,

No end in sight.

Our loads become heavy,

Our bodies weary.

Frowns on our faces,

Eyes to the sky above,

We ask for salvation.

No answer for our ears.

Hope lingers in our souls,

A hope for better days.

If not in this lifetime,

then maybe in the next.



Hard choices.

Which one to choose?

Both lead to darkness

and despair.

Some decisions don’t

have happy endings.

But we are forced to choose.

Which one?

What to do?

Such is life.

Close your eyes and pick one.

Happy trails.


Lost and alone in my head,
Can’t fall asleep in my bed.
Waves crashing in my mind,
Death is all I can find.

Take a walk on the beach I’m told
To clear the cobwebs from their hold.
But here I’m alone with the surf,
Lost and alone on my own turf.

The boat’s fog horn echoes my grief,
A loss profound beyond belief.
The soulful sound takes me away
To times more happy I can say.

To times when you held me
And told me you loved me.
Those times are gone for good,
Forget I know I should.

At night when I close my eyes to sleep,
All I can see is our love so deep.
As hard as I might try,
I can’t let go and fly.

So here I walk on the beach,
Knowing you’re out of my reach.
But still I yearn and burn
For a love I can’t earn.