Are You Ready to Play?

1 Ready to play


Dark shadows fill the night.
Diving from a great height.
Have they come to play?
How long will they stay?



The night holds you too tight.

You must not fear or fight.

You belong to us now.

I say this with a bow.

You will follow us to hell.

As we ring the nightly bell.

Our servant you will be.

You’ll never be set free.

The town belongs to us.

No reason for a fuss.

The Dead are here to stay.

Come with us and play.

THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist


flickering candles

Follow the candles



Candles along the stairs,

Keepers of the dark night.

We’ve come for the party

With no one else in sight.


More candles down the hall,

Their eerie lights flicker.

Empty rooms greet us as

We begin to bicker.


The basement door stands open.

We argue and make a fuss.

We agree to take the stairs

As the door slams behind us.


THE DEAD GAME has begun.


The Hunt



It first comes slowly
in the dead of night.
Walking on silent feet,
it draws near.
You run faster,
but it speeds up.
You dash into a building,
an empty school.
It soon follows,
bringing with it a silence.
You can feel its presence
as it moves closer.
It follows you
down the deserted hallway.
You check the doors.
You jiggle the knobs.
They’re all locked.
​You turn around
and stand strong.
Darkness falls
to encompass all.




It first comes slowly
In the dead of night,
Walking on silent feet.
It draws closer.
You run faster.
It speeds up.
You dash into a building.
It soon follows.
It brings silence.
You can feel its presence,
Coming closer.
It’s now moving rapidly
Down the deserted hallway.
You check the doors.
They are all locked.
You turn,
Close your eyes
And stand firm.
The darkness descends.


1 Curiosity


My heart pumps fear through my veins,

bringing me anguish and pains.

Why must I be the curious one?

The one who can’t let the deed be done.

I must follow the noises to the basement,

where something is making an awful statement.

A voice called to me from my rumpled bed.

The sound echoed endlessly in my head.

I descend the stairs to the darkness below.

The noises combine to form a loud bellow.

A hiss hits my ear as claws rake my arm.

​My silly cat thinks I mean him some harm.

I offer soothing words but he wants to flee

just as the door shuts and locks behind me.

The light bulb goes out leaving me in the dark.

Do I now hear a dog’s whimper and shrill bark?

Chills taunt me as I go down the dark stairs,

following the whimpering and stray hairs.

Feathers float in front of me.

I don’t know what this can be.

I step on something squishy and soft.

I find a light and hold it aloft.

I lift my foot and the tail retreats

to the chair where it has hidden treats.

With the bright lantern held high,

I search for the source of a sigh.

My neighbor sits with her panting pals

of the furry sort in guys and gals.

“Am I also welcome to the party?”

I ask the pig-tailed girl, laughing hearty.

She replies, “Of course, you are, my dear neighbor,”

A point she refuses to belabor.

I join the circle on the floor,

as the cats and dogs eat some more.

Cake and cookies for all the guests,

even ones who have been great pests.

My black cat joins in with tail held high,

sniffing at the desserts and brown pie.

At least this story has a happy ending.

No one wants another tale to be pending.


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Wait for the night.

To darken the sky.

In deep shades of red.

To purples fading to black.

Silence follows on gossamer wings.

To quiet uneasy heartbeats.

To soothe roaming beasts.

Wait for the night.

To bring a dark veil on activities.

To unfurl the roaring waves.

Silence is here.

And so is the night.


Who sits on my shelf each night? Who casts shadows on my bedroom wall? I move closer. I must see what it is. The head moves. Its hood falls back. A doll’s face appears. A yellow glow in the darkness. Red eyes turn to me. Burning a hot hole right...

 (Source: stone-pig)



Who sits on my shelf

each night?

Who casts shadows

on my bedroom wall?

I move closer.

I must see what it is.

The head moves.

Its hood falls back.

A doll’s face appears.

A yellow glow

in the darkness.

Red eyes turn to me.

Burning a hole

through my heart.




Open the door.<br /> Step inside.<br /> The darkness is beckoning you.<br /> Calling you to walk in.<br /> Welcome! Glad you’re here!<br /> Follow the flickering candles.<br /> They will lead you to untold pleasures.<br /> Do you hear the music?<br /> A party is waiting for you in the drawing room.<br /> Don’t be afraid. Peek in.<br /> Do you see the dancers?<br /> Twirling around and around.<br /> You can see through them? Can’t you?<br /> That’s because they’re transparent.<br /> An echo from the past.<br /> Those who lived here before.<br /> And now they inhabit the air.<br /> Their spirits live in these dark rooms.<br /> Now you can join them<br /> and live here forever!<br /> A story that can be told<br /> just by looking at the closed door<br /> and opening the door in your mind.

“Open the door and

Step inside.

The darkness beckons to you.


The wind sighs its plaintive plea.

Cold air swooshes past my face.

Do you hear the music?

A party is waiting for you in the drawing room.

Don’t be afraid.

Peek in.

Can you see the dancers?

Twirling around and around.

You can see through them? 

Can’t you?

That’s because they’re transparent,

An echo from the distant past.

Those who lived here before

Who now inhabit this old house.”

A gowned figure of a woman turns to me.

The flesh slowly shrivels from her body,

Leaving behind a skeleton of bones.

She cackles,  You can now join us.”

Her hand reaches for me.

I turn to flee.

The windows and doors snap shut.

I jiggle the door handle.


Trapped in the deep recesses

of my mind.

No escape.