Wave Breaking Beneath the Pier, Folly Beach, SC

© Doug Hickok  All Rights Reserved


It is here.

A force to be reckoned.

It grows by the second,

thrashing under the bridge,

leaving death in its wake.

Leave me be.

My dying wish isn’t

to be consumed by the sea.




The ocean roars its fury.

It removes any intruders.

No boats to drift on its surface.

No swimmers to ride its waves.

Frustration hits the rocks.

Anger raises the wave swells.

Birds flee.

The sun hides.

We wait.

Will the waters recede?

The answer lies in the ocean’s depths.




The landscape is cold and bleak.

I’m beginning to feel weak.


Ice is melting in my shoes.

I’m getting the winter blues.


I can’t find my way from here.

I had thought the town was near.


I’ve been walking for days.

I’m in some kind of daze.


There’s a break in the rocks ahead.

I hope they don’t leave me for dead.


My friends have to come back to me.

Rocks and trees are all I can see.


My friends are in the park playing ball.

I didn’t have to be afraid at all.




We have reached the edge.

Nowhere left to go.

We escaped the party.

The deadly game from hell.


Let’s jump into the ocean.

Swim our way to shore.

To the beach filled with tourists.

Where help can be found.


We can’t return to End House.

The evil house of illusions.

Filled with traps and dead bodies.

We will never return.


Come, take my hand.

Let’s fly off the rocks.

Soar through the air.

Like a pair of white doves.


Footsteps behind us.

Creatures fly above.

The time is now or never.

To take our chance.