Bright eyes look out at me

from a jungle of trees.

Leaves rustle in the soft wind

or from some movement within.

I must get out of here.

I can not take this fear.

I am lost in the green see.

This isn’t where I want to be.

I left the party to open a closed door,

and here I am about to hit the floor.

I’m surrounded from each side.

There’s no place for me to hide.

A creepy plant is bowing to me.

It wants to take a bite out of me.

How did this party turn to hell?

I can now hear the dinner bell.

I’m sure it is ringing for me.

Dinner I will now come to be.

A Purple Orchid


Our neighbor has a gift of getting her orchid plants to bloom, bloom, bloom!!! I have never seen anything like it! She currently has a plant in her kitchen window that is overflowing with blooms. The other night we were over playing cards and I kept staring at this plant…it screamed to have it’s picture taken…..

I scheduled some time to come over and took a number of pictures of the plant…using a light box…also natural lighting and from a variety of angles. From this photo shoot, I have taken one of the shots for an example here on how one picture can take on many different looks depending on the final media used.

This first picture is the original shot…nothing adjusted or changed. The picture really isn’t one of the better ones, but I am using it because the paintings I did from it are actually some of the…

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Time to party.

The Dead can dance.

They fill the nights

with fun and music.

Cold to the touch.

Empty to their souls.

Following to a beat of their own.

Heartbeats of the warmblooded.




The cobblestones glisten

outside the dark cemetery.

Gravestones stand tall

in the heavy fog.

Moans sweep the winds

that rustle the lifeless trees.

A gate stands open

to welcome the curious.

Footsteps draw closer

to my hiding place.

A cloaked figure enters

the home of The Dead.

It enters a mausoleum

with an angel standing guard.

Goosebumps riddle my body

as I inch forward from my spot.

Dark shadows drift to the door

that the figure has left open.

I can’t stand the suspense any longer

and so I must follow their lead.

I must find the meeting place

of The Dead and gone.