The Dead At Heart

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The Dead At Heart (Book Three of The Dead Game Series)

As Oasis falls under attack, Shana must choose between a vampire or a human vampire…

Late at night, werewolves swarm Gregg’s estate and kidnap Linda. Gregg gathers his men and races after his fiancée. Alone in a mansion filled with vampires, Shana flees, afraid William, her vampire boyfriend, has returned to his evil ways.

Sheriff Sam asks Shana to help him track the rogue vampires and werewolves. She follows him to Florida’s swampland, where The Watchers live in luxury. While proclaiming their innocence, the vampire leaders force them to board a plane to Quebec, capturing William along the way.

Once Linda is freed from the werewolves, she heads to Quebec in search of Shana. Meanwhile, trapped in a building sealed as tight as a tomb, Gregg outsmarts the computer-activated house and escapes his tormentor.

As the opposing vampire sects arrive at Chateau Frontenac, the boardwalk erupts in flames. The battle for control has begun. Torn between William and Sam, Shana must pick the right side since the wrong choice can be deadly.






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