Let’s travel through the forest so green.

A creature-filled oasis but don’t scream.

The roots tangle around our feet.

Walking becomes a scary feat.

Neon leaves hit our faces.

A hit every few paces.

I’m sinking deep into the forest floor.

Quicksand my enemy forevermore.

A Darkness To My Soul

constantphobia Deactivated


A Darkness To My Soul


The black abyss grabs hold,

Taking me to its soul.

Reflections of hell and beyond,

Pushing me deep and far.

Away from the light of day,

I have no need to pray.

Take me to the bottom,

Where no human has tread.

Away from humanity and light,

I have made my dark bed.



Crowds of people.

Cars honking.

People pushing.

Where are they going?

A blur to me.

A mass of humanity.

Hurrying to their end.

No individuality.

No manners.

A need to get somewhere fast.

Trapped in their thoughts.

In a hurry to go nowhere.