The moon falls in silence.

Into the sea it sinks.

Head is bowed in prayer.

We all know what it thinks.


“Leave this town right now,”

It says with its might.

It has no strength left

For the next great fight.


The Dead will walk the dark streets.

Shadows leave no trail behind

Of the murder and mayhem

That will all too soon be found.






The lights turn on in the room so dark.

We came here for a dare and a lark.

The rooms are deserted and cold.

Ghosts would be present we were told.

All we see are dust and deserted rooms.

No one has lived here in so many moons.

The quiet is unnerving and thick.

Time for us to leave this scene real quick.

Something doesn’t feel right.

We must turn and take flight.

Before the noise from above

Thinks we are her lost love.

The weeping woman is coming near.

She dances and chuckles at our fear.

The doors and windows are locking.

Our escape the ghost is blocking.

Our Unexpected Community~


Source: Our Unexpected Community~

Our Unexpected Community~

is like a brilliant field of new spring flowers,
filled with creative, talented, intelligent people, with open, searching minds, who are kind and supportive, rooting for each other.
A field chock full of productive people who use their unique talents in individual ways to contribute, to try and make a better world.
A community that spans countries, continents, religions and viewpoints, composed of individuals adding their light to an often dark world.

You are a blessing everyday to so many, including me. It was time to pause, and express my gratitude for being part of you.

Non-bloggers may not understand the depth of our individual and community connection. Hopefully, they might start a blog and find out for themselves, if not, it is their loss.

I picked these photos and flowers in honor of you, and our community.
Thank you for being you! Cheers to you and long may you blog~


Pink Flowers

Sprinkle my path with pretty leaves and flowers.
I want to look at water and not towers.
Some color to brighten my day.
A place where the birds come to play.

I will walk to the end of the pier.
I’ll gaze into the depths without fear.
For I will only see fish swimming by.
And not any monsters lurking nearby.

Time will pass slowly and must be savored.
Whoever comes this way will be favored.
I think it’s only prudent and fair
To share my secret with those who care.


“I leave the storefronts behind,
With their pastel colors and shiny windows.
Windows eager to let in the famous Oasis sunlight.
I want to reach the beach.
I want to leave work and troubles behind me.
The sand will trickle through my toes.
The sea breeze will propel me forward
To the every-waiting, omniscient ocean.
The waves dance and writhe in their demented dance.
A dance growing wilder and wilder by the minute.
I feel their salty sweat on my face.
The trees join in,
Flapping their branches as if trying to hold hands.
The wind follows last with a rage of its own.
It torments the water and the trees
Until leaves are flying free
And waves are attacking the shore.
Why is this happening?
I should go back to town.
The town behind me is being plummeted.
Roof tops are flying through the air.
Glass crunches beneath my feet.
Windows hang broken and twisted.
The saddest sight is the church.
The once white church stands charcoal black
In the midst of its debris.
A day gone terribly wrong.
Whose fault is it?
The creatures who visit our town at night.
They are determined to destroy each and every one of us.
Are they demons or humans?
Who knows? 
Oasis will never be safe unless these evil ones are annihilated.
We must save our town.
I have friends who will help me.
There are those who doubt our wisdom and abilities.
But we will clean out the riffraff from town.
Don’t get in our way or you might join the garbage.”
Linda turns to find her friends.
Our games have just begun.



“Self Portrait with a Harp” (1791) (detail) by Rose-Adélaïde Ducreux (1761-1802).


Play me a song.

Don’t get me wrong.

I love your singing voice.

But the harp is my choice.

The music soothes my sad soul.

From the day taking its toll.

I need the music today.

Please sit down for me and play.