Haunted House on hill

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The house sits alone.

Night after night.

Ghosts in its walls.

Demons below its floors.

It waits for the night.

When the moon bleeds red.

Nature becomes silent.

And shadows walk tall.

Lights shine through its windows.

Sounds creep up from its basement.

We’ve come to play.

In The Dead of night.




The Hunt



It first comes slowly
in the dead of night.
Walking on silent feet,
it draws near.
You run faster,
but it speeds up.
You dash into a building,
an empty school.
It soon follows,
bringing with it a silence.
You can feel its presence
as it moves closer.
It follows you
down the deserted hallway.
You check the doors.
You jiggle the knobs.
They’re all locked.
​You turn around
and stand strong.
Darkness falls
to encompass all.


The End

Life has come to an end.
Time has run out for me.
Evil one of the night,
He is strong as can be.

The winds rise in fury,
Calling him by his name.
He is known as the Wolf,
Who made The Dead Game.

A hand grabs hold of me.
Wolf has taken me down.
To his dark netherworld,
To tunnels under the town.​

I roam the bleak dungeons.
Death wants to be my friend.
I refuse to drink blood,
On this, ​I will not bend.

In this maze of horror,
I track it round and round.
I will seek a way out
Till I fall to the ground.

My love must soon find me.
Please, Todd, ​take me from here.
The walls are closing in,
One more night I can’t bear.​



fire and hail

Time has stopped in mid-flight.

Clouds have ceased circling the earth.

The sun refuses to show its face.

Time has come to an end.

My heart feels hollow and empty.

Panic fills the empty spaces.

My love has come to an end

And so too has mankind.

A battle rages between my lovers

Built upon passion and deceit.

The winner takes all,

And soon even me.

The earth trembles in despair.

A blanket of darkness covers all.

The battle rages in its fury.

Clashes of swords echo its thunder.

Frozen in place I stand,

Waiting for the uncertain outcome.

Who will be left standing

to take my cold h​and?


cemetery shadows


The mist paints a grey.

Hissing winds sound fey.

The trees sway in tune

Under the blue moon.

With long robes, they sweep toward me.

Darker shadows they cannot be.

A statue looms in the distance.

I cannot offer resistance.

An angel turns her face to me.

A wicked grin for all to see.

Her white wings spread wide.

Time for me to hide.


Source: whitechapelwitch


Follow me along the cobbled road.

Shadows lurk and float on by.

Hurry, catch up before I grow old.

Winged creatures fill the night sky.

My high heels click against the cobbled stones.

This way to the oldest building in town.

Take care not to step on any bones.

Curve your mouth to remove that awful frown.

Up the steps, we go.

Please walk through the open door.

Is he friend or foe?

Multiple heads hint at more.

Growls fill the still air.

Darkness permeates the long room.

Reaching hands grow near.

A woman flies by on a broom.

“Surprise” is shouted by all.

Lights shine brightly in our faces.

Enters a man ten feet tall.

Standing high on metal braces.

He holds a cake rimmed with black bats.

The audience quiets to a hush.

My friends approach in party hats.

They sing to me as I hide a blush.

“Happy Halloween” and “Happy Birthday”

Become “Happy Hallowday.”

As I bow my head and enjoy my day.

A prank I must soon repay.




It first comes slowly
In the dead of night,
Walking on silent feet.
It draws closer.
You run faster.
It speeds up.
You dash into a building.
It soon follows.
It brings silence.
You can feel its presence,
Coming closer.
It’s now moving rapidly
Down the deserted hallway.
You check the doors.
They are all locked.
You turn,
Close your eyes
And stand firm.
The darkness descends.


Source: buteverythingisred

Jagged fingers slice through the air.

A dance of the gods for mere mortals.

We hold our breaths as they sizzle and play.

The clouds keep them in place in defiance.

The ground rumbles in dismay at their power play.

The wind and rain fight to divert their direction.

Their aim is compromised by their enemies.

They hold strong and band together.

But the gods and nature block their path.

The earth is saved from ruin on this day.

But they’ll be back again another day.


black sparkle rose


A town where the snow is black,
bringing coldness and fear.
Old remnants of tears held back,
and times too hard to bear.

Woven from black sheets of rain,
fear covers in disarray.
Anguished and frozen with pain,
dark petals fall in dismay.

Hell has come to Oasis,
The Dead and gone at its side.
Now hidden behind faces
that are well-known far and wide.

Who will fall prey to The Dead?
I hope it is not me.
I’m hiding under my bed.
I’m afraid as I can be.



Off to the gingerbread house, ​we go
On this fine fall day.
The country road yawns before us,
Pointing the way with pebbled arms.

Shana is laughing up a storm,
Similar to the one building around us.
Swirling gusts lead us by the hand
To a cottage made not by man.

The house floats in a dewy gauze of its own,
Shielded from any attacks or storms.
It glistens and shimmers in the fading light
As we draw closer to its unfailing might.

The front door opens at our approach,
An extended arm our only invitation.
I want to leave but Shana says,
“Linda, let’s see who lives inside.”

Before I could answer she walks in,
Leaving me alone in the dying day.
Pebbles unearth themselves in my direction
Until I’m forced to seek shelter inside.

An older couple wait for us,
Wearing clothes from days long gone.
They show us around their unusual home,
Where rooms are shrines to their grown children.

We are led to the attic to find a lone rocking chair,
Facing the forest and deserted country road.
The woman explains they are The Watchers,
Protecting the town from errant vampires.

My ears are ringing and my heart is pounding
As I listen to her words in disbelief.
She says there’s always a Watcher
Sitting in the rocking chair.

We don’t know whether to believe her story
But the chair begins to rock on its own.
​We flee the scene of our worst nightmare,
Determined never to return to this awful place.

Our games have just begun.