A rare commodity is solitude.
It can be easily misunderstood.
To be all alone with no one else around.
You can do this in the air or on the ground.
You can sail off in the blue sea,
Or hop on a plane without me.
We can all use some time alone.
Without T.V. or telephone.
Time to think about your goal.
You will come back feeling whole.




Imprisoned beneath the earth.

Trapped for centuries.

A family lost to darkness.

Stuck between worlds.

For eternity.

Only one could save them.

PREY FOR THE DEAD by Susanne Leist



I see men


In the cold

Coming closer to my home.

Snow swirls around them.

Feet crunch on ice.

Four of them.

Why are they here?

Four men.

The window mists from my breath.

It fogs my view.

I must run.

I must hide.

Four men.