They walk on silent feet

through the forest so deep.

I must keep moving my feet

without stopping to sleep.


The howling wind plays their song

of bloody deaths for us all.

They’re not for this place for long.

They wait for the town to fall.


They are surrounding me.

I can’t outrun their reach.

Somehow I must get free

and make it to the beach.


The ground is opening.

Sadly I know for whom.

I’m falling in a hole

that will soon be my tomb.


THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist




Silence sweeps the streets clean.

No voices to mark the white surface.

A cold wind brushes away

prints of unwanted footsteps.

Lights in the distance

warn us of inhabitants.

Ignore those earthly reminders

of noise and commotion.

Instead, enjoy the serenity

nature presents to us.




In a world of noise
Where no one is heard,
We could use some silence,
A bit of quiet.

Take a step back
And be still,
Watch for the response,
See the surprise.

For silence can convey
What words cannot.
A feeling or a thought
Hidden in words.

Don’t be afraid 
To make your stand.
Dare to be different,
Refuse to mouth inanities.

Be a breath of fresh air
In the violent storm.
Stand strong and silent
In the world of noise.




The rustle of the grass

as I make my way past.

The hard waves against the shore

echo memories and more.

The soft feel of the white sand

as I touch toes to the land.

The cries of the seagulls

as they dip to check holes.

A harmony of the senses.

A feast to cover all tenses.

Past, present, future converge

to bring pleasure to this splurge.