Teeth glisten in the dark

as I walk through the park.

I stop in my tracks in fear,

not knowing what can be near.


I stand quietly and listen,

but I only see the glisten.

Soft footsteps ring out behind me.

I’m not waiting around to see.


Then I happen to glance down,

and my face droops in a frown.

The fanged smile floats on the lily pond.

Of my reflection, I’m not so fond.


It reveals the darkness inside

that I’ve always failed to hide.



Light squeezes between the leaves.

Eyes to the sky serve me best.

Rays cast hot fingers on me.

Sun has passed its daily test.


The circle widens and deepens.

A place to while away the day.

I keep to its rounded corners.

A place I’ve come to love and pray.



Garis Edelweiss (Indonesian, b. 1984, Pasuruan, Jawa Timur, Indonesia) – Maddah-Sarasvati, 2017  Drawings: Pencil on Paper


A picture is worth a thousand words.

What words does this picture inspire?

A woman whose face is lost,

To be replaced by bouncing balls.

What are we without our faces?

What will we have left to show the world?

The image brings forth feelings of confusion,

An imbalance created by the lack of face.

Our faces are needed to reveal our true selves.

Without them, we are useless like

balls forever bouncing by an unseen force.