lightning strikes


In deep and soothing sleep,

I did not hear one peep.

Then lightning lit the sky

with thunder turned high.

Winds uprooted the trees,

bringing them to their knees.

What has happened to the town?

The waves have turned a dark brown.

Shadows creep from the shore.

I can’t handle much more.





sunset thru palm trees


Palm trees waving in the breeze.

Blue-green water for me, please.


White sand sparkles in the sun.

Tourists frolic and have fun.


A perfect oasis for the elite.

Many celebrities you might meet.


The night brings icy winds

and demons’ deadly sins.


Dark shadows descend on the town.

My life has turned upside down.







Please, I want to go outside.

No reason for you to hide.

The winds bring rain.

But they are tame.


I won’t fall or melt

If hail were to pelt.

I’ll be forever in your debt

If you allow me to get wet.


I’m pulling on my chain.

You don’t need half a brain

To know I’m ready to go free.

See what a great pet I can be.



Brutal winds follow close on my heels.
Thunder and lightning join the crusade.
Fluorescent lights paint the night sky
In rings of orange, yellow, and red. 

A vortex of horror in unending circles
Makes its way to the town of Oasis.
I wait with a sword in hand,
Secure in the knowledge that Wolf won’t win. 

The Watchers have joined the battle.
I can see them on the hill beyond.
Their raincoats flap in the wind,
Revealing their hidden weapons.

We protect Linda from the devil,
Standing firm in the fighting winds.
The Father clutches his bible of spells
To help cast the evil from this town.

Humans, vampires, and human vampires
Have come together as one.
The last battle on this earthly planet
Will determine the fate of us all.

Linda holds onto her friends,
Huddled together in the raging winds.
Will she choose wisely?
Will she choose me above The Dead?

The time has come for the showdown.
Time has slowed to a stop.
We raise our weapons above our heads
As we wait for evil to make its final appearance.

Wolf sports a new body.
I still recognize his deadly soul.
A new package for an old one
Does not change the battle to be won.

Our games have just begun.



Read a book by the fire.

The pages will shine brighter.

I don’t need to fight the snowdrifts.

I’ll stay inside with the misfits.

The ones who prefer books

that grab you with their hooks.

The fire is getting low

as the strong winds begin to blow.

I snuggle farther beneath the covers

as I read about murders and lovers.



An oasis where dreams come true,

Palm trees wave in the warm breeze,

And birds sing a happy tune of their own.

The night exhales its cold breath.

Torrents of wind whip across the sand,

Where dark shadows leave no footprints,

And tourists remain innocent no more.




Light in forest


The Dead are coming to this place.

The moon trembles and bows its face.

Thunder strikes a chord in the distance.

No one can mount a strong resistance.


Lightning sizzles and dances in place.

Soon red and yellow strikes join the race.

I can see them returning in force.

Wolf is riding in on a black horse.


He leads his army to town.

He’s wearing a wicked frown.

I know he’s searching for me.

Quiet as a mouse I’ll be.


But soon he finds my hiding place.

Blaring trumpets pick up his pace.

Time has come to a sudden stop.

He stares at me from bottom to top.


He wants me for his frozen bride.

Too late for me to run or hide.

I stand up straight to meet him.

You could hear a dropping pin.


He takes me into his arms for a kiss.

But all I want to do is yell and hiss.

I don’t want to be one of The Dead.

I walk behind him with growing dread.


The battle lines have been drawn.

And I’m merely Wolf’s small pawn.

I pray Todd saves me instead

From a fate much worse than dead.


THE DEAD GAME continues…



Golden Hour by willyam


Lined up like sentries.

Shoulder to shoulder.

Eying the shore.

Storm at their backs.

Wind at their sides.

Sun setting above.

Sea ripples below.

Sky darkens.

Clouds rush in.

Birds flee.

Skies open up.

Water rains down.

Quiet reigns supreme.

They quicken their tempo.

Winds pick up their speed.

They hit the sand with force.

A line of soldiers.

Shoulder to shoulder.

As one.