A beautiful fall day.

A pebbled path through the red.

I’ve come outside to play.

Fantasies flow through my head.


The leaves glitter red

Until the day turns dark.

I’m safe in my bed,

A red swirl in the park.


Rain pelts the park.

The wind cackles.

I flee in the dark

On raised hackles.


The path is gone.

Night has come too soon.

The path is gone.

Lost in the full moon.





I gaze at the pink sea so pure,

A vision of delight for sure.

The sun is setting down,

But there’s no reason to frown.


I could see the ocean floor.

Look at me I’m out the door.

The sun may be gone for the day.

The moon will soon be here to play.



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View of Mt. Fuji from Mt. Tenjo on a cloudy winter morning



Night into day.

Day into night.

I’m swept away

As I hold tight.


The night numbs me,

Making me cold.

The days rush by

As I grow old.


I prefer day

When the sun shines.

The night is fey,

Dark through the pines.


Night into day.

Day into night.

Days become grey,

No strength to fight.



We wait for the night,

dry from the sun,

weak to our roots.

We yearn for moisture,

petals limp,

stems drooping. 

We wait for the night,

for the moonlight

to ease our pain.

We wait for the dew

to quench our thirst,

to replenish our souls.

We wait for the sun

to lift its fiery head

and begin its daily ritual.

We are ready

to face the new day

with arms lifted.


Shades of Grey


An orange streak hits the spot

Where day and night meet a lot.

Flames float to the sky

From arms raised up high.

The light play continues through the night

As we watch and hold each other tight.

The sky lightens to shades of grey

As it welcomes the coming day.

Happy, we made it through the long, dark night.

The rising sun is a welcome sight.


Blue ocean by younghunjung #SocialFoto



A day at the beach

So far from my reach.

I could smell the salt air

As it flows through my hair.

The white sand is so soft

As it holds me aloft.

I want to be there

Instead of my chair.