A Field of Flowers


Through a field of flowers.

Pink petals in my hair.

Follow the babbling brook.

At the mountains I stare.


Green grass for carpeting.

Wisps of white clouds float free.

White snow caps the mountains.

Grey rocks all I can see.


Grey surrounds oasis.

A mirage that can’t be.

Flowers lift their faces.

An illusion for me.


Nordic landscape

A blanket of red

covers the landscape.

Fragrant and soft

as it protects and serves.

A place of comfort

and a place to sleep.

A keeper of memories

of the lost tower.

What was once a stronghold

is now a carpet of beauty.



Texas Bluebonnets Beautiful gorgeous pretty flowers

Walking in a field of Bluebonnets.

Everything is blue.

And blurry.

Blue everywhere.

Filling my nostrils

with their sweet fragrance.

Starting to feel drowsy.


Eyelids growing heavy.

Maybe I’ll lie down for awhile.

Not so comfortable.

Stems are pointy.

But I’m still drifting away.

Somewhere over the rainbow…