A midnight so dark and blue.
It’s coming for me and you.
The tides are rising to a new height,
While fighting the shore with all its might.


The clear skies are dark blue.
The clouds are far and few.
The darkness brings us shadows and fears,
And people running away in tears.

Who is able to control the moon?
I’m afraid they’ll be here all too soon.
Dark shadows are descending on the shore.
They’re many but soon there will be much more.

I’ve heard about The Dead.
They fill my heart with dread.
It’s time to hide from death.
No time to take a breath.





1 blue bells


Bluebells to ring in the summer

when life can be such a bummer.

Tiny lights to brighten the day.

I’m happy they are here to stay.

Sweet fragrance sent from the Almighty.

Soothing music to calm the mighty.




Water in waves of blue and green.

Nothing can be so clear and clean.

Sunshine beating down on my head.

I have made the soft sand my bed.

Palm trees fan the warm ocean air.

I can feel the breeze in my hair.

A place like this must exist.

A dream like this I can’t resist.




The blue sucks me in.

Velvet petals caress my face.

A buzzing bee whizzes past.

I’m inside the midnight blue darkness.

My head spins from its heady fragrance.

Lines of poetry beg to be written.

Will I yield to the blue darkness?

It’s a trap I cannot escape.



Brush strokes of blue and gray

to fill in the puffy clouds.

Crayon swipes of teal and aquamarine

to meet at the neverending horizon.

Each wave swell of the purest white

to rise from the depths of dark blue.

My fingers reach for the canvas.

My eyes travel to the brushes.

I shake my head.

No painting is needed.

No copy to diminish the essence 

of a perfect summer day at the shore.



Feelings of softest blue.

This is how I see you.

Through a film of ice,

You appear so nice.

A reflection it is

That I can never miss.

As leaves float high,

I peer up at the sky

I still see your face

In every place.

I can feel your hot gaze

Even in this haze.

Please come back to me,

And we can float free.

Color My World

Color my world.gif

Source: frenzyy

Color My World

Color my world in shades of pink,

so long as I don’t have to think.

Brush more color in strokes of blue,

so I don’t have to think of you.

Add a mist of dark green

until I’m ready to scream.

Throw more colors at me,

but I know what I’ll see.

A world faded to black

until I get you back.