Someone watches me from the water.

A head bobs in the shallow waves.

Yellow eyes sparkle in the sunlight.

A man rises from the waves.

A man in a wet suit.

The yellow spots must have been

a reflection from the sun.


I’m shot.

He shot me with a spear gun.

Too late.

I’m falling.

Will I wake to find

it had been a bad dream?

I hope so.


Daniel Merriam


I open my eyes to strange creatures.

Why are they in my bedroom?

Their thrill laughter makes my skin crawl.

They wave knives at me.

I need to escape.

I can’t.

I’m tied to my bed.

They move closer.

I close my eyes.

Silence fills the room.

I slit my eyes open.

The room is now empty.

I glance at my chair in the corner.

A red balloon is tied to it.

Oh no.



Oh, Ouija Board,

will you bring me spirits?

Spirits of the light.

Ones of the damned.

I feel their presence.

Sighs in the night.

Cold breath on my face.

Icy fingers at my neck.


Too tight.

Much too tight…





The sky fades to black.

The Dead have come back.

The moon turns its head from me

as the soft ground swallows me.

The dark surrounds me.

Long arms grab at me.

The end might be near,

but I’m without fear.

Wolf is here for me.

He won’t set me free.

I’ll become one with the night.

I won’t go down without a fight.


The Dead Game: Book One of The Dead Game Series



I’m lost at a carnival.

A clown leers.

The knife-thrower aims his knife.

I run into a tent of mirrors.

My distorted reflection surrounds me.

I flee into the darkness

and crash through a mirror.

I stand in a dark room

as the floor spins.

I grab for the walls.

My hands slide on the wet stones.

The floor gives way.

I’m falling.

THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist




The night caters to our whims.

It follows our deadly sins.

Our darkest nightmares come alive.

We’ll do anything to survive.

Monsters stalk us in our sleep.

Creatures rising from the deep.

It creaks open the bedroom door.

I see it move across the floor.

My head turns to accept my doom.

I am one of them all too soon.


heyimchandler Deactivated

Looking through Partition Arch in Arches National Park



From here I can see

the wonderful sea.

I step through the door.

I stand at the shore.

Sand at my bare feet.

The sun shining heat.

But the sun soon leaves,

and the ocean heaves.

Sharp hail hits my face.

Men sprint in a race.

They shout for me to move.

I follow their quick groove.

Time has come to a standstill.

It’s time to leave this landfill.