Drive until the sun rises,

Until darkness lowers its head.

Drive without direction,

Without purpose.

Feel the wind through your hair,

Slapping your face.

No one can reach you.

No one can find you.

The sound of the wind for music.

The passing scenery for entertainment.

Others pass you;

Others seeking answers.

Find your answers.

Let your thoughts lead the way.






The mist follows close at my heels,

Relentless in its pursuit.

Roots poke through the ground.

Tree limbs grab at me.

The fog clears.

The forest ends.

I’ve reached the clearing.

He waits for me.

A black stallion is his ride.

I grab his extended arm.

He lifts me behind him.

We ride like the wind.

I sigh and turn my head.

A scream is lodged in my throat.

His face isn’t of my loved one

but a mask of death.

We ride like the wind

to the ends of the earth.

Hell’s gates shut behind us.

No one is knocking on its doors.








A long journey to become an author,
Days of soul searching and hard work.
The words need to be enticing and clear,
A bridge to the reader’s heart.

A movie camera sweeps across scenes,
So does a book’s point of view.
One point of view shows one angle
While changing points of view reveal more.

To be lost in a book is indeed a gift,
An escape from the mundane and boring.
A visit to far away places can be
An adventure to open your mind’s eye.

Once completed, a book is a treasure,
A symbol of the author’s hopes and dreams.
A confectioner’s delight to be tasted and savored,
To be remembered by the many or just a few.





When night comes softly
On feet as light as air,
I can see clearly
Of what I shouldn’t dare.

Alone on this hilltop
With the embracing cold,
Boundaries cannot stop
Me from being so bold.

I want to look at the night,
Gaze out into the unknown,
Dare to dream of my flight,
And dream of where I have flown.

Secrets hidden in darkness,
Beneath a cloak of despair.
Shadows roaming in blackness.
A striking and deadly pair.

At night I can roam free
And sail forth on gossamer wings.
Be all that I can be
No matter what the dark night brings.