I’m taking a road trip.

I shouldn’t have let that slip.

I’m trying to get away

To find a new place to stay.

Where troubles are left behind.

A place that no one can find.

Please don’t follow me.

I yearn to roam free.

Up ahead is a street light.

It’s the only one in sight.

I slow down and roll to a stop.

My car door opens with a pop.

My troubles line up on the road,

Waiting for me to stop, I’m told.

I can’t escape them this time

And not from this awful rhyme.

At the next chance, I get,

I’m off, ready and set.



nature/vintage blog
I step out from the restaurant
From where there had been light.
Now there is darkness,
A dark alley.
Dark shadows move and sway.
I can hear my own footsteps
Clicking on the cobblestones.
But there are other...

 nature/vintage blog




I step out from the restaurant

From where there had been light.

Now there is darkness,

A dark alley.

Dark shadows move and sway.

I can hear my own footsteps

Clicking on the cobblestones.

But there are other footsteps,

Following close behind me.

Too close.

Lights shimmer up ahead.

I run toward them.

Then I’m down.

Face to ground.

The lights go out.





Let the walls crumble.

The paint flake and peel

I need to get out

from this prison of mine.

My fingers are torn.

Nails are shredded.

But I must destroy

this wall around me.

No one can understand

my fear, my panic.

No one can help me

escape my demons.

This I must do alone.

Brick by brick,

the wall will fall.

A glimpse of outside

is all I need.

The sky appears,

clouds floating by.

The sun peeks in,

not to be left out.

I’m ready to be free.

To fly from my captors.

First, my head,

then my body.

I’m outside on the ledge,

balanced over the city.

I’m free to let go

and soar over cars

and people.

Join the tiny dots below.

Time to fly.


The Valley Cemetery | GarettPhotography


A walk in the cemetery.

Not the right place to be merry.

Dark shadows creep in

As dark as their sin.

Wings flap around me.

I’m cold as can be.

A brief tap on my shoulder.

I run to the boulder.

“No one is here,”

I say in fear.

But footsteps, I do hear

Echo as they draw near.

“Oh no, they have found me.”

A fresh grave waits for me.


I want to look at the night,
Gaze out into the unknown.
Dare to dream of flight,
A dream of being unknown.

When night comes softly
On feet as light as air,
I can see more clearly
Of what I can dare.

Alone on this hilltop
With the embracing cold,
I will leap past boundaries
That I have created of my own.

Darkness hides all secrets
Beneath its cloak of despair.
Secrets that lie safe and secure
Under the cloak of my hair.

At night I can roam free
Without the hindrance of others.
I can leap over castle walls,
Past the slombering mothers.

Looking down at all below me,
Sleeping in their beds of down,
I can see how I am different
As my eyes sweep the town.


Free At Last
lake bear big


Slow is the course of your waves.

Colors of the deep lie by my feet.

Your soothing laps bring me peace.

I must swim out to see whom I meet.

Your cold envelopes my stiff body.

Soon I am immersed in your cocoon.

I dive down deep below the surface.

I won’t be returning all too soon.

Trying to outrun my demons,

I swim faster from the shore.

I leave behind my enemies.

I don’t need them anymore.

I’m free at last from my problems

As I stroke hard away from humanity.

No one is waiting for me back home.

I’m free to float away for eternity.


An Island Escape

Take me away from a world without color,
A world where life is dull and grey.
I want to swim through the ocean’s waves,
Where rainbows can frolic and play.

The sun’s rays shimmer off the water,
Leaving trails of gold, yellow, and red.
Beacons of light for me to follow,
To a new land where to lay my head.

I fly through the rolling waves,
Touching down on a spot of land.
I am lifted by arms of fountains
And laid to rest on the pink sand.

Turtles scurry away from my hand.
Birds fly around as they have fun.
The waves recede in their farewell dance,
Leaving me alone in the sun.

Who lives on this small island?
It’s time for me to explore.
A hut of branches in a tree.
I must see if there is more.

The steps are pretty steep,
I climb and step inside.
The room is small and dark.
Who knows what it may hide?

I hear footsteps from the room beyond.
They’re coming closer to where I hide.
It’s too late to run for the door,
I must face whoever is inside.

He saunters into the room.
Candles and two places set.
He throws me a big grin,
As if I am his prized pet.

We both wait in silence.
He slowly moves toward me.
“I hope you like my surprise.”
I feel as cold as can be.

I don’t like surprises.
Especially from him.
He keeps me at arm’s​ length,
Not letting me in.

I lower my eyes
From the fire in his eyes.
They’re consuming me alive,
I’m burning up from his lies.

He makes an abrupt movement.
He strides across the room.
He kisses me with great passion
Under the blood red moon.



Why am I never at a place like this?

Why am I always in a dark room typing?

We all make our choices,

and I have to live with mine.


Too many ‘maybes.’

I need one ‘can.’

I ‘can’ escape to the tropical island.

I’ll throw my computer

into the depths

​of the blue, green ocean.

Sounds good to me.

Sounds like a plan.




It first comes slowly
In the dead of night,
Walking on silent feet.
It draws closer.
You run faster.
It speeds up.
You dash into a building.
It soon follows.
It brings silence.
You can feel its presence,
Coming closer.
It’s now moving rapidly
Down the deserted hallway.
You check the doors.
They are all locked.
You turn,
Close your eyes
And stand firm.
The darkness descends.