Prey for The Dead Book II


Darkness brings a pall to the streets.

A dread that can be felt by all.

It follows me with soft footsteps.

Growing closer behind me with each step.


I should have listened to my heart’s song.

Listened to reason and right from wrong.

I’m now trapped in this horror of despair.

Waiting for death to take me in his arms.


The shadows are growing larger.

Surrounding me from all sides.

There’s nowhere to run or hide.

I will stand strong against the tide.


The coldness wraps around me.

My hair drips icicles down my neck.

I shiver in dread of my future.

My future as queen of The Dead.


quietmoodygirlbenjoyment: Last night’s Supermoon.


The moon creeps 

through the maze of clouds,

a dark blanket

where stars sparkle and shine.

Time to welcome the dark shadows,

the nightwalkers,

the dreamers,

the ghosts of the past.

Welcome the night creatures

who are brave enough

to face the night.

For the night is here to stay.


nature/vintage blog


I step from the restaurant

where there had been light.

Now there is only darkness,

and no stars in sight.


I hear footsteps in the distance.

Dark shadows move and sway.

Steps echo louder in the dark.

I bow my head and pray.


I run to the light.

Then I’m falling down.

My face to the ground.

My world, upside down.


I lift my head.

Black shoes before me.

The lights go out.

Darkness now claims me.






Who sits there in the darkness?

No movement in the blackness.

As still as a fox waiting to pounce.

No hint of a ruffle or a flounce.


A soft sigh can be heard in the air.

Are those slithering snakes in her hair?

Shadows float amid the circling dust.

The walls trickle with blood or maybe rust.


The ghostly form stands tall to meet us.

She can be the hostess to greet us.

A deserted house this seems to be.

She hovers over us like a tree.


We stand alone in this bleak hall.

There won’t be dancing at this ball.

The candles flicker and go out.

I want to pull my hair and shout.


Time to leave this creepy place.

We must quicken our slow pace.

But since this is a horror story,

We will not be leaving with glory.











The night is here

and much too soon.

Darkness descends

with the full moon.


I shiver from the cold

as a strong wind whips past.

The moon hovers closer.

I hope this doesn’t last.


Dark shadows gather.

Trees fade in the mist.

Night has won again.

I can’t handle this.


The moon’s glare defeats me.

I retreat to my lair.

With the wind at my back,

I must escape from here.