Prey for The Dead Book II


Darkness brings a pall to the streets.

A dread that can be felt by all.

It follows me with soft footsteps.

Growing closer behind me with each step.


I should have listened to my heart’s song.

Listened to reason and right from wrong.

I’m now trapped in this horror of despair.

Waiting for death to take me in his arms.


The shadows are growing larger.

Surrounding me from all sides.

There’s nowhere to run or hide.

I will stand strong against the tide.


The coldness wraps around me.

My hair drips icicles down my neck.

I shiver in dread of my future.

My future as queen of The Dead.



Dark water.
Night comes slowly.
Footsteps fall softly.
A cat meows.
Footsteps move closer.
I see no one.
A sharp noise by the garbage can.
A splash in the water.
Footsteps resonate louder.
An oar hits the water.
Chains rattle.
I turn around.
A flash of light.
The footsteps halt.
Into the light drifts a gondola.
My true love holds a red rose.
The perfect end to the day.


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I step from the restaurant

where there had been light.

Now there is only darkness,

and no stars in sight.


I hear footsteps in the distance.

Dark shadows move and sway.

Steps echo louder in the dark.

I bow my head and pray.


I run to the light.

Then I’m falling down.

My face to the ground.

My world, upside down.


I lift my head.

Black shoes before me.

The lights go out.

Darkness now claims me.




I sink with each step
closer to the blue.
The waves tease and spray
and prompt me to play.

But my world is dark and bleak,
and I cannot fall asleep.
I gaze through my window
to the snow-laden bough. 

I sigh and shut my eyes tight,
seeking paradise this night.
I get sleepy and go back in time
to the sand and the footsteps of mine.




Take me away from a world without color,
A world where life is dull and grey.
I want to swim through the ocean’s waves,
Where rainbows can frolic and play.

The sun’s rays shimmer off the water,
Leaving trails of gold, yellow, and red.
Beacons of light for me to follow 
To a new land where to lay my head.

I fly through the rolling waves,
Touching down on a spot of land.
I am lifted by arms of fountains 
And laid to rest on the pink sand.

Turtles scurry away from my hand. 
Birds fly around as they have fun.
The waves recede in their farewell dance,
Leaving me alone in the sun. 

Who lives on this small island?
It’s time for me to explore.
A hut of branches in a tree.
I must see if there is more. 

The steps are pretty steep,
I climb and step inside.
The room is small and dark. 
Who knows what it may hide?

I hear footsteps from the room beyond.
They’re coming closer to where I hide.
It’s too late to run for the door,
I must face whoever is inside. 

A man saunters into the room. 
Candles and two places set.
He throws me a big grin
As if I am his prized pet.

We both wait in silence.
He slowly moves toward me.
“I hope you like my surprise.”
I feel as cold as can be. 

I don’t like surprises.
Especially from him.
He keeps me at arms-length,
Not letting me in. 

I lower my eyes
From the fire in his eyes.
They’re consuming me alive,
I am burning from his lies. 

He makes an abrupt movement
And strides across the room.
He kisses me with great passion
Under the blood red moon.