Of course, they do.

Who else keeps you awake at night?

Who haunts your nightmares?

Your mother-in-law?


It’s The Dead.

They walk the streets of Oasis.

They take their victims with stealth and finesse.

Find them in THE DEAD GAME.

They return in PREY FOR THE DEAD.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

5 Stars



5 Stars
5.0 out of 5 stars
Good book
June 22, 2019
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
This book is well written and does not hesitate to jump right into the action and excitement before dropping the first cliffhanger leaving you wanting more. One thing I like about this book is that it incorporates vampires, vampire hunters, and vampires helping vampire hunters which is an interesting twist making this masterpiece one of the best books on this subject. I would think Hollywood producers should be thinking about turning this book into a movie followed by a television series. Definitely written by a great author!


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Welcome to the “GRANDMOTHERS: A FORCE FOR GOOD” Blog Tour! 

Welcome to the “GRANDMOTHERS: A FORCE FOR GOOD” Blog Tour! 

Author Bio: 

          Harriet Hodgson has been a freelance writer for 38 years, is the author of thousands of print/online articles, and 37 books. Hodgson is a member of the Association of Health Care Journalists and the Alliance of Independent Authors. She has appeared on more than 185 radio talk shows, including CBS Radio, and dozens of television stations, including CNN.  A popular speaker, she has given presentations at public health, Alzheimer’s, bereavement, and caregiving conferences. She lives in Rochester, Minnesota with her husband, John. Please visit for more information about this busy wife, mother, grandmother, caregiver, speaker, and author.

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Can You Turn a Booklet into a Book?

“Yes” is the quick answer to this question. I know this because I’ve done it. Before your booklet morphs into a book, some changes will be necessary. Obviously, you will need to increase the word count. You will also need to determine if the book has the same focus as the booklet. Headings could become chapters.

Checking books in print is the first thing to do. Log into Amazon and see what books on the topic have already been published. Look for books that might compete with yours. Jot down the title, publisher, date of publication, word count, and price of these books. What makes your book different?

After you’ve done this research it’s time to start writing. Think about the cover as you type the first page. Years ago, I wrote a history of the city I live in, Rochester, Minnesota, and was also the photo researcher. The book was commissioned by the city. Before I started the manuscript, the editor asked for the cover photo. To get some ideas for your cover to visit royalty-free photo websites. Note the numbers of photos that may be suitable.

As the manuscript develops you may discover that new chapters are needed. These chapters could alter the slant of the book. The sequence is important, too. It needs to be logical and easy for the reader to understand. This may be a good time to check Amazon again. Look at competing books and see how many chapters they contain.

Remember that you are serving the reader. Since I’m a nonfiction writer, I always have a bibliography. The bibliographies are long—a dozen or more pages. Some of my books have a glossary. To me, glossary is a stuffy word, so I used the heading “Words to Know.” Most, but not all, nonfiction books have an index. I’ve indexed my own books and it’s tedious. You may wish to hire a professional indexer for the job.  

To follow along with the rest of the tour, please visit the author’s tour page on the 4WillsPublishing site.  If you’d like to book your own blog tour and have your book promoted in similar grand fashion, please click HERE.
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1 Friday the 13th


Friday the 13th is here.

There is no need to fear.

Step into the manor.

Ignore any banter.

The party is for you,

only a select few.

I have a secret to tell,

one involving an old spell.

A witch cast her spell.

Our lives went to hell.

Beneath End House, we were banished.

Please wait, I know you must be famished.

Listen to my tale.

The bread won’t turn stale.

Banished for years, we were.

Trapped in the earth by her.

We were freed by a priest,

accompanied by a beast.

We haven’t eaten for many years.

Do not bother to shed any tears.

Please step onto the food platters.

Our hunger is all that matters.








The night is here.

Dark shadows appear.

The full moon spins on its axis.

Creatures settle for sleep.

The wise owl opens yellow eyes in defiance.

Who are the shadows that interfere

with the peace of the night?

Who dare to leave dead bodies

along their nightly path?

Hide ye beyond your closed

doors and shuttered windows.

For THE DEAD own the night.






    Todd backed her against a tree on the deserted walkway. Linda couldn’t move back; and if she moved forward, well…Todd’s muscular body blocked the way.

     They stood in the tree’s cool shade, colorful leaves falling around them; each one afraid to make the first move. Todd moved closer, bent his head, and kissed her.

   His mouth soft and hard at the same time, pulled her deeper into his world of heightened feelings. When Todd touched her, she felt different—not herself anymore. He took total control of her mind and body. It felt good but scary at the same time. Linda wasn’t sure she was ready to relinquish her freedom.

     Staring at her, as if trying to commit her face to memory, Todd caressed her eyelids with his lips. When his warm lips traveled to her mouth, Linda shivered in delight. Who knew he could be gentle and caring? His lips marked a blazing trail to her neck. As he licked her skin, her limbs trembled. She threw her head back and moaned.

     He groaned in response, his playful tongue reversing direction, gathering speed until its return to her mouth. His mouth molded itself to hers. His body melded with hers until she felt as one with him. She felt herself falling into his embrace…