blue night


Darkness enters my room 

in shades of midnight blue.


It breathes its cold breath

on my warm, sleeping face.


It wakes me from a dream

of blue cascading waves.


Instead, I am faced with the dark

and a hollow feeling inside.


Who opened my window?

Who let in the dark?



Japanese Gardens – Portland, OR


The stream flows

across rocks,

reflecting the sun’s rays

along its smooth surface.

Follow the blue lights downstream.

Dip your toes into the cold splendor.

Life can be perfect.



Someone watches me from the water.

A head bobs in the shallow waves.

Yellow eyes sparkle in the sunlight.

A man rises from the waves.

A man in a wet suit.

The yellow spots must have been

a reflection from the sun.


I’m shot.

He shot me with a spear gun.

Too late.

I’m falling.

Will I wake to find

it had been a bad dream?

I hope so.





I will lay down my head to sleep

Beneath a canopy so deep.

Soft leaves curl around my face,

Covering me in red lace.

Sticks of trees protect my sides.

Perfect place for one who hides.

The sun peeks in between the red,

The rays of sunshine warm my head.




Take me to the bright light that shimmers

in the far reaches of the forest.

I lay my head on a thick bed of grass.

A blanket of flowers for my cover.

Sleeps takes me away from here

to a place where there’s no fear.

I fly above the branches

and gaze at my sleeping form.

Contentment relaxes my face.

My eyelids flicker in my dream.

Too soon it will be night,

bringing the dark and cold.

I must return tomorrow

to see how my dream unfolds.


heyimchandler Deactivated

Looking through Partition Arch in Arches National Park



From here I can see

the wonderful sea.

I step through the door.

I stand at the shore.

Sand at my bare feet.

The sun shining heat.

But the sun soon leaves,

and the ocean heaves.

Sharp hail hits my face.

Men sprint in a race.

They shout for me to move.

I follow their quick groove.

Time has come to a standstill.

It’s time to leave this landfill.



20aliens:    ANDERS KRISÁR    The door is open.  Take the chance.  Walk through it.  Never ignore an open door.  For you never know where  it may lead. 



An open door waits for you.

Take a chance and walk right through.

Mist envelopes your thin frame.

Time to play a nasty game.

The fog clears, and chess pieces wait

for you to ride through heaven’s gate.

You rub your eyes in disbelief

as you sigh in happy relief.

The sun was playing with your eyes.

Now you see a rainbow of pies.

This can’t be happening, you see.

I’m in bed as the sun breaks free.

A brand new day yawns wide and clear.

I’m safe and have nothing to fear.