I walk with the living at day,

They do not hear a word I say.

They believe I’m alive like them,

But I’m stronger than any men.

I run like the wind past the trees,

Fly through the sky faster than bees.

My true self is hidden away,

I might be a little fey.

At night I walk with others,

They’re close to me like brothers.

“Who am I?” you might ask.

I might take you to task.

Take care not to open that door,

You’ll be in hell forevermore.





Purple sprays my face.

Orange blinds my eyes.

Ice coats my toes.

Salt whips my hair.

I shut my eyes and walk.

My heels dig into the wet sand.

I move deeper into the water.

Waves attack my shivering body.

I waver for a moment.

Then I continue my journey.

I slit my eyes open.

The sky burns red.

The sun has lowered its face.

I stand in icy water in muted colors of amber.

Time to return to the shore.

Or not.

I continue to walk.



A rare commodity is solitude.
It can be easily misunderstood.

To be alone with no one else around.
You can do this in the air or on the ground.

You can sail off in the blue sea
Or hop on a plane without me.

We can use some time alone
Without T.V. or telephone.

Time to think about your goals,
You will come back feeling whole.



This is life.

The choice set before us.

The sun or the dark of night.

Optimism or pessimism.

Good or evil.

The darkness taunts us.

It’s too easy to succumb to it.

Fight the greedy devil.

The choice is yours to make.