Give me your hands,

and I will speak to you

through the dead.

I will use their voices

and their memories.

Sit still and be quiet.

They will enter your bodies

and fill you with thoughts.

Thoughts of revenge

and plans for murder.

Enjoy the game.

The Dead love their games.





I walk in a field of Bluebonnets.

I thought to compose for them sonnets.

The sweet fragrance fills my soul

until I am again whole.

I feel tired as I smile

like I’ve walked a full mile.

I will make my bed

and lay down my head.

My thoughts drift so slow and low,

somewhere over the rainbow…





The moon reveals the best in us.

It reflects our inner thoughts and desires.

Some may howl at the moon,

while others are impelled to dance.

Dance until the sun rises.

Dance until your limbs grow tired.

Dance until you feel at peace.

At peace with the world.



I want to find Zen.

I want to relax.

I sit.

Focus on the rocks.

Admire how they fit together.

How the sun shines on them.

Everything in perfect harmony.

I’m trying.

Not working.

Getting restless.

No Zen for me today.





Full of worries and contradictions,

it blasts away any chance of peace.

Thoughts jumbled in cobwebs,

lining halls of utter despair.

Bells ring along curved walls,

warnings to take care.

One hole is filled

as another emerges.

A shovel can’t do the job,

won’t save me from my pride.

Sleep, be my savior,

refresh my state of mind.

Bring hope to this desert landscape,

full of worries and contradictions.