Walls surround me,

but I see past them.

Concrete blocks me,

but I tunnel through.

The stars sparkle.

The moon shines.

I raise my arm.

Walls disappear.

I walk into the night.


Sherbrooke Forest | By Penny Whetton




Tree branches bend,

scarred by age.

Beaten by the storm,

many hit the ground

amid piles of leaves.

Without a proper burial,

no one mourns their loss.

The fallen won’t be forgotten

as replacements take root

in the shade of the tall trees.

Sunshine filters through the forest,

lighting the way for the future.





In midst of despair and sorrow
rise buds of hope for the morrow.
Still standing upright and strong
against all that can go wrong.

These are extreme times of confusion and change,
media expanding over a broader range. 
We are attacked by sounds in each direction,
leaving no time for thinking and reflection.

These flowers know what’s real,
they go by what they feel.
Away from the hustle and bustle,
they grow wild without any tussle.

A day to clear my cluttered mind is all I need,
to recharge my battery is what I should heed.
I’ll recharge in a quiet place like this,
a zest for life is what I dearly miss.



We wait for the night,

dry from the sun,

weak to our roots.

We yearn for moisture,

petals limp,

stems drooping. 

We wait for the night,

for the moonlight

to ease our pain.

We wait for the dew

to quench our thirst,

to replenish our souls.

We wait for the sun

to lift its fiery head

and begin its daily ritual.

We are ready

to face the new day

with arms lifted.


Sky Explosion (by drxgonfly)



Reflections from above

surround me like a glove.

Hues of purple and pink

make me ponder and think.

I lift my face high

to the starry sky.

What is the reason I am here?

Why do I live my life in fear?

Questions in my mind

seek what I can’t find.

A shooting star streaks by.

“Is this my answer?” I sigh.

A bird perches near my arm.

I jump in fear and alarm.

Its black eyes stare back at me

and with a wink, it flies free.

I am alone with the night

with the moon at its full height.

My fear falls away like a cloak.

I begin to cry with a choke.

The bird has shown me a place

where I can reveal my face.